Access Tables & Queries:

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
Did you want: Working with Databases: Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016

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1.  To require that a field for HoursPerDay is at least 4 hours, you would create _____.

   a. an Input Mask

 b.  a Format rule

 c.  a conditional expression

 d.  a validation rule

2.  A field for a date has its Format Property set to Short Date (like 4/15/06)  and its Input Mask Property set to 99/99/0000;0 (like 04/15/2006).  After you enter the date into the table and save the record, the date will look like _____.

   a. 4/15/06

   b. 4/15/2006

   c. 04/15/06

   d. 04/15/2006

3. Three tables are related. Table1 has a One-to-Many relationship to Table2. Table 3 has a One-to-Many relationship to Table2, also. In datasheet view, which tables can show subdatasheets?

 a. Table1, Table2, Table3

 b. Table1, Table2 only

 c. Table1, Table 3 only

 d. Table2 only

4.   To have a record of your table and field properties, you would print _____.

   a. the Table Design View

   b. the table's Datasheet View

   c. the Relationships window

 d. the Documenter report

5. In the Query Design View, to select records with a Country value of France and a City value of either Paris or Lyon, your grid should look like:

 a. Query grid

 b. Query grid

  c. Query grid

 d. Query grid

 e. either a or b or c

 f. either b or c

6.  To create a calculated field for a query, you could write  _____ in the Field row.

   a. Balance:[Budget]-[ActualCost]

   b. =[Budget]-[ActualCost]

   c. Balance=[Budget]-[ActualCost]

 d. any of the above

7.  To concatenate text field values, you use the _____ character to paste them together.

   a. asterisk

  b. ampersand

   c. hash

   d. square brackets

8. A query that asks the user for values first is called _____.

   a. an action query

   b. an append query

   c. a crosstab query

   d. a parameter query

   e. a select query

9. The syntax of an IIf expression has the general form ____.

   a. IIf(falsepart, truepart, expresssion)

   b. IIf(expression, truepart, falsepart)

   c. IIf(truepart, falsepart, expression)

 d. IIf(expression, falsepart, truepart)

10. To have a print-out of what other objects depend on a particular table you could _____ .

 a. print the Object Dependencies task pane

 b. print the Documenter report, which includes this information

 c. print the Relationships window

 d. capture a screen shot of the Object Dependencies task pane and print it.

 e. either a or d