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Evaluation Form

Now that you have used my Computer Literacy 101 materials in your course, I want to know how it worked!  

Students: use the Student Evaluation form if you took a course that used my materials or if you used them for just personal study. 

Teachers, complete and submit the form below. Add your own comments about issues that I did not think of. If you only used a part of the materials, some questions may not apply.

It would be helpful also if you would collect similar information from your students and email me a tally.

You should get a response from me in a day or so. If you don't hear back, there may be a problem, such as:

Email me directly, instead of submitting the form again.  Include a second email address from a different service if at all possible.

Server Errors: If you get an error message, please email me directly and include the text of the error message. You do not need to submit the form again right away. The results may be correctly stored in my database. The email version has failed to work properly from time to time.  No clues as to why!

Teacher Evaluation of 
Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

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Did it fit your course?

Rate my materials on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 means "Great- could not be better!" and 0 means "Really bad - you missed it entirely!" Use the Comments box to explain your choices if you wish (especially for negatives so I can improve!).

  Choice of topics

  Readability for age-level - how easy to understand

  Thoroughness of explanations

  Appropriateness for experience level

  Fit in the time available for this course

  Illustrations were helpful

  Layout - arrangement on page, fonts, styles 

Suggestions/comments about Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101:

Your reactions as a teacher:

What was the most fun/helpful for me was: 

What was hardest for me was: 

The most frustrating problem I had was:

I wish I had known before:

Students should be forewarned about:

If offered materials from this author in the future I would:

  politely decline (once was enough!).

  be willing to check to see if they fit my needs and pocketbook.

  say a prayer of thanksgiving and look hard for a way to use them.

Your Students' Reactions:

Overall, the students rated the materials: 

   A blast! 
    Very interesting 
   Mostly OK 
   Parts OK 

Overall the students found the difficulty of the materials:

    Too hard
    Just about right 
    Too easy

The parts the students were most interested in were:

The parts the students were least interested in were:

The students had the most trouble with:

Further comments/suggestions/requests:




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