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Hall of Honor

No web site or text book is without errors. None can cover all the topics that teachers and students are interested in. I have established this Hall of Honor to recognize those who have helped in two different ways.

EagleThe Eagle Eye award is for those who paid close attention and took the time to report errors of fact and errors of editing. (Don't you just hate it when your fingers do their own thing and you just don't notice?)

Light BulbThe Super Suggestion award is for those who had ideas for updating or enhancing the materials.

Eagle Eagle Eye Award

Date Name Error/Correction
04/05/20 Paul Anderson Made 3 suggestions to improve clarity in Databases Intro plus other corrections/additions. So helpful!
07/16/18 Tom Keller Found a broken link in Working with the Web: HTML about names for colors to www.w3schools.com. The site had been reorganized. I found the new location and replaced the link.
01/21/17 Marianne Gannaway Step missing in an exercise, Ex. 1-1 in Working with Words: Basics

Marco Mijatovic

Pointed out a dead link in the old version of Working with the Web.
01/19/2016 Chris Hubbard Offered corrections on example of a program in C ++
10/18/2015 Graham Reported two broken links that were scripted to open in a new window. The script wasn't there(!) but the whole idea was unnecessary.
12/3/2014 Daniel Courtney-Gregerson Correction to derivation of the file extension - xlsx on Interface page, Working with Numbers. The final X comes from the XML format used in current Office documents.
11/29/20 Pam Courtney Missing auto-forward page to intro to Computer Basics after revising folder structure.
09/15/2014 Katya Madden Reported a broken link the scripted menu for Computer Basics to the Summary page for lesson 7, Computer to Computer.

Sherri Dykes

Found Excel where I meant PowerPoint, from trying to copy Excel material and revise it for PowerPoint, Open PowerPoint
04/12/2014 Jim Andrews Bad link to Adobe PhotoShop site.
02/21/2014 Mickey G Deshield Typo in downloadable teacher materials. 'with' intead of 'will'. How many years was that error there??
01/13/2014 Jared Wilson Typo in lesson5-2.htm (amd instead of and).
05/09/2013 Michelle Bouck Error in the download materials for teachers - Matching for Computer Basics: 10 - On the Back item #1 should read "15-pin" instead of "12-pin".
11/26/2012 Cort Daiger
Typo on Lesson2-2: Word Processing
Ttype instead of Type. How long was that out there??
10/01/2012 Kathy Adams Error in scripted menu for exercises, Working with Words: Report
09/03/2012 Marius Pretorius Typos in two terms in the Summary page for Computer Basics: System Software
07/15/2012 Jennifer Bearce Missing image after new upload, 4arrows.png on four pages in Computer Basics.
05/14/2012 Kyle McCaslin Typo in Computer Basics: Hands On! : Get Started, caused by a software glitch in Expression Web.
06/25/2010 Rick Haney Correction on Working with Databases app-inputmaskproperty.htm
06/05/2009  Mike Cassidy update for link to NIST's guide for caring for CDs and DVDs, lesson on Optical Disks
12/17/2008 Thomas Howell Multiple suggestions to bring Computer Basics up-to-date with regard to disk and tape formatting
03/05/2008 Robert Butterfield Found a bad link, which led to a local drive instead of to the beginning of the lessons.
12/30/2007 Shea Bernhard Pointed out that LCD screens do not use interlacing or progressive display but show the whole 'frame' at once.
Computer Basics: Output: Screen Features
12/30/2007 George Fletcher Pointed out that IE7 allows multiple 'home' pages.
Working with the Web: Browser Basics: General Settings
11/13/2007 Tom Dempsey Spotted a "than" that should be "that". Very much an eagle eye!
11/01/2007 Zulfiqar Meghani Pointed out an error in question #3 on a quiz in Working with Numbers.
10/31/2007 Tim Kelsch Suggested changing reference to 'databases' to 'relational database management systems' for more accuracy.
10/06/07 Dave Chapman Offered clarification of Run command on Start menu for Vista. It does not appear by default but can be added. Working with Windows - Files - Image-Create and Save
08/14/2007 Robert Grubb Typo in databases lessons, on Query Wizard page.
08/03/07 Jean Carol Computer Basics: Lesson 7 Quiz number 4 - the 5th choice indicated choices stating both a and b... but there were no letters indicated in the previous 4 choices
07/25/2007 Bessie Chu Typo in amount for Other trips, should be $3575 instead of $3675 in Working with Numbers: Data Groups and Formula: Inserting & Formulas
07/02/07 Maria Pointed out error in Working with Numbers Project 2, Autofill, on the Autosum page, in the section AutoSum: Upper Table Totals, step 5 says: Press ENTER to accept the formula  =SUM(E6:E24) which should be =SUM(E5:E24).
12/01/06 Ken Van Dellen Typos in Working with Words: Word Settings and Working with Words: Word Help - Help Topics.
10/29/06 Jennifer Bryan Typo in Working with Numbers: Groups and Formulas: Ex. 4.3 "Us" instead of "Use".
10/10/06 Sylmara Barreira Had questions from students on Computer Basics: Processing: Physical Components. I revised for clarity.
10/01/06 John Andrews Pointed out omitting reference to IE6 in places in Working with the Web.
09/21/06 Danny Whittaker Excel quiz on formulas: Popups were saying "...and try again" on several correct choices.
09/11/06 Ken Van Dellen Glitch in table of contents for Working with Numbers: Excel Basics. Comment about hidden columns needed elaboration.
03/16/06 Tracy Bloom Pointed out capitalization errors in coding for quizzes that allow for multiple selections in answers with some browsers.
01/04/2006 GGSWESTSIDE Pointed out inconsistency in description of video connectors.
11/08/2005 Keith McRoberts Pointed out the image of the arrow keys had keys pointing in an "unconventional" direction. Whoops. Working with Windows: Windows Basics: Control the Window and in Spanish
10/10/2005 Maureen Greenbaum Pointed out update needed about "erased" data when formatting
10/05/2005 Amanda Harsh Resource file for revised Word Ex. 3-1, floppyarticle.doc ,was not in the resource files.
09/05/2005 Jodi Rowe Typo in instructions for quizzes: "Doubling clicking" instead of "Double clicking". (Where did THAT come from!!??)
08/31/2005 Sandra L. Hosley Error in quiz popup for question #10 , Working with Numbers: Formulas
08/30/2005 Randy Gover Pointed out that menu in Notepad in WinXP was different from what was described, Working with Windows: Files and Folders: Text - Edit & Print
07/10/2005 and following Dianne Stone Wrong column used in Working with Numbers: Excel Basics: Exercise 2 directions and in Spanish also. Whoops!
Exercise 3 used Totals instead of Averages in step (r) and also in the Spanish version.
Spelling errors in popup tip for correct answer #7 on quiz for Excel Basics.
Instructions referred to incorrect worksheet in Working with Numbers: Project4-Data Groups and Formulas: Add AutoShape
"Next" link to wrong page in Working with Numbers: Project 5: Design: Planning and in Spanish version
07/09/2005 Kate Ham Section repeated on Working with the Web: Basics: Toolbars in IE (all parts on one page) and on Spanish version, too.
07/02/2005 Anna Larsson bulk of text on the page  Computer Basics:  Applications: Word Processing appeared twice.
06/21/2005 Darryle Ross Sr. Typo in first paragraph Working with Windows
06/08/2005 Larry Nafziger Stale- Needed to add info on color coding of cables and ports to Computer Basics: What You See: On the Back and Fundamentos: Lo Que Used Ve: Adentro and PS/2 mouse and keyboards.
06/07/2005 Joe Confusion over revised Font dialog in IE6-  Working with the Web: IE Settings
04/19/2005 Nancy Passalacqua Typo in Working with Words: Project 2: AutoTools
AutoFormat Document
04/05/2005 David Iacona Typo in page title, Publsih for Publish.
03/20/2005 Cindy McDonald Typos in various glossary terms, Computer Basics
02/22/2005 Roller386@aol.com "los" for "las" in a couple of new  Spanish pages about downloading the site.
02/22/2005 Steve Haverkamp in Ann Wothe's class Mis-match between illustration and text to enter on a slide, Working with Presentations: Format: Content Template
02/10/2005 Ann Wothe Reported missing gif's from resource files. Big whoops!
12/14/2004 Doug Jackvony Small (but annoying!) typing/grammar error in Working with the Web: Basics: Errors
11/29/2004 Timbrely Pearsley Error in popup for correct answer on quiz over Excel Intro
11/14/2004 students at St. John The Evangelist Lutheran School "your" used instead of  "you" in description of Tablet PC Computer Basics: Computer Types
11/08/2004 Stephen Hutchinson Quiz 4 (on processing) did not reflect increases in current clock speeds, though the lesson did.
11/02/2004 Tim Zahara Pointed out that there is a newer version of Mac than that mentioned in Computer Basis: System Software: Types.
10/26/2004 Heath Luehmann Poorly worded question(#4)  in Computer Basics: Computer to Computer: Quiz 7
10/19/2004 Chris Parker Missing back reference to  previously created file amazon pings2.xls used in Exercise 4-1.
10/15/2004 Jim Hando Bad link to Cray supercomputer gallery of images. Information no longer available at the Cray site.
10/1/2004 Prakaash Typo in word Pentium in Lesson 11: Hands On! : Info?
9/9/2004 Carol Thomas Error in scoring Quiz 7 in Computer Basics, question 1
9/6/2004 Royston Brooks-Lewis Error in cell reference in Working with Numbers: Format & Arrange: Move  and in Spanish version: Mover
9/5/2003 Vera Bierend Pointed out that Desktop Publishing was not in the table of contents of Computer Basics. It was still on the same page as Word Processing. <made separate lesson>
8/10/2004 Wanda Berrette Pointed out confusion in directions for quizzes if you don't know what a radio button is.
05/09/2004 Mary Cliff Correction to directions in Excel project 4 and two exercises!
04/13/2004 Barbara Jay Spelling error! Design Principles, not Principals.
04/12/2004 Steve Johns Bad link to The Computer Museum History Center. Fixed!
04/12/2004 Mary Cliff Errors in list of what is printed in Working with Numbers: Format - Summary
Error in directions for Exercise 2 of Project 2: Basics. Right cell name but wrong identification as to which item was in that row.
03/21/2004 Douglas C. Maisells Caught an incorrect extension in Computer Basics: Hands On: Files and brought up a question about Word Basic in Computer Basics: Programming: Languages that revealed that it has been superseded by Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications. Who knew??
03/10/2004 Sandy Moran Caught an inconsistency between the student and teacher version of the end-of-chapter material in the Monitors questions.
03/02/2004 Andrea McDevitt Missing the word "use" at https://www.jegsworks.com/lessons/numbers/basics/step-regionalsettings.htm in the last sentence.
10/22/2003 María Claudia Alva Celis Pointed out a translation error for 'browser' in the Spanish version of Computer Basics: Applications - Browser (Fundamentos de Computadoras: Aplicaciones - Navegador
10/7/2003 David A. Powell Reported a problem with displaying non-English characters like ñ and ç. I will replace such with HTML code for those characters.
10/2/2003 Earl Leidinger
(reported by  his friend Quintin)
Spotted a comma error in Ex. 1-1 of Working with Numbers.
09/30/2003 Nancy Robertson Typo in Notes for Teachers in bonus material for teachers who submit a permissions form. Use "for" instead of "from".
08/21/2003 Ricardo Hoegg Error in comments in Working with Windows: Files & Folders: Format Disk  Macs can read and write to disks formatted for DOS and Windows, but not the other way around.
03/21/2003 Marius Pretorius Error in Working with Words: AutoFormat Document for document with which to start the Step-by-Step procedures
02/23/2003 Gen Waszczyo Pointed out that WordPerfect is now putting the extension WPD on its files, contrary to my statement that WordPerfect did not use extensions. Computer Basics: Hands On : Files
02/05/2003 David Rosa A typo using "to" instead of "too". So hard to catch that kind of error.
02/03/2003 Adam Jordan Pointed out the danger of leaving the Date/Time dialog open while you work and suggested including a warning in Working with Windows: Date/Time Dialog.
12/04/2002 Rafael A. Pérez USB was not defined in the glossary, nor in the text of the lesson Printer Features.
8/29/2002 Gary B. Rosario
Reach Training and Development Specialist
NYS & CSEA Partnership for Education and Training
A number of corrections for the language used in the Spanish translations.
5/29/2002 Eric Gregory Pointed out that there was no C+ between computer languages C and C++. There was something called C with Classes, but it was never standardized. Computer Basics: Programming: Languages
5/14/2002 Genevieve Wilcock
St Mary's School
South Africa
Error in quiz4.htm and in spanish version on question 2. No choices were actually correct. Whoops!
5/1/2002 Tim Robers
Salem, Virginia, USA
Grammar errors! In Applications: Database a missing "a". In Applications: Graphics "make" instead of "made", about animations. <rats!>
4/25/2002 thandiez Unnecessary "try again" in quiz responses on correct answers.
4/8/2002 Amanda Peck Directions inconsistent in Working with Numbers: Format Rows: Row Height: AutoFit Multiple Rows. Row numbers were wrong
4/2/2002 Gabby Warren and Audrey Schaefer
Teacher Judy Johnson,
Memorial High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma
No "Correct" popup message for #3 on quiz for Working with Numbers: Format and Arrange
3/25/2002 Deborah Olszta
Home schooling mom
Pointed out that when viewing the page with Netscape, the radio buttons were missing from the quiz for Computer Basics: Output
3/8/2002 Dave Bequette
Tech Instructor
Orland HS, California
Confusion: One of the answers on the quiz for lesson 12: On Your Own, included a mis-translation of what UPS stands for. That was not the point of the question, so I re-wrote the choice.
2/27/2002 RománHG Error: in the discussion of Desktop Publishing - referred to 3-color separations in one place and 4-color in another. 4-color is correct. Also corrected a Spanish usage from "policromática" to "fotocromía"
2/5/2002 Siphiwe Khoza, Domino Servite School, South Africa - teacher Marius Pretorius Error: key combos stated with wrong keys! Showed ALT instead of CTRL Working with Windows: Files & Folders - Files (This one is REALLY embarrassing! I use these key combos every day!!)
2/4/2002 Josée Blais Caught a typo that I thought I'd fixed. Turned out there were two! Mis-typed "gestures" in Input: Pointing Devices
01/23/2002 Linda Swanson Caught some typos in popups: Quiz for Lesson 7 and bad links on my Web Resources page.
12/14/2001 Joy  Hooi-Naminas Error: "the the" instead of "of the" in System Software: Functions . It's so hard to catch doubled words!
10/4/2001 Lora Top Working with Numbers: Intro: Ex. 1-1 The total in the hint was wrong. Ex. 4-3 files were not in the resource zip file.
9/26/2001 Andre Boutin-Maloney Spacing errors in statusbar.htm, Working with Words
9/25/2001 Marius Pretorius Omitted a word on opening page of Working with Words
8/30/2001 Barbara Stahl Error in Windows quiz #3. Wrong answer! Whoops.
8/1/2001 David Gallardo Pointed out several not-quite-right spots. [See What's New for 8/2/2001 for changes made.]
7/17/2001 Erick Panameño, Universidad Matias Delgado, El Salvador Error de deletreo en el título del clave de la respuesta a las preguntas de programación de la unidad. [English: Spelling error in title of answer key to (Spanish) Programming unit questions.]
7/4/2001 Deidra Morrison
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An error in the answer key to the bonus material for teachers and a mis-spelling in a popup on a Windows quiz.
6/26/2001 BPC 3G0 class at AB LUCAS, Ontario, Canada- teacher Marcie Brennan Found several typos in Computer Basics and in the glossary for Working with the Web. 
5/31/2001 Gregory Corwin
Oakwood Friends School, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA
Found several typos and a mis-named image in the directions on the first Brochure exercise in Working with Words. 
4/29/2001 Jason Talati Text mis-identified illustration as coming from Windows 3.1 whereas the new illustration was actually from Window 95/98. Common features of a graphical interface in User Interface
4/17/2001 Manuel Huaripata
Jefe de Sistemas - Davy College
en español: Silicia, no silicona.
Pantalla, no pantella. <ruborícese>
4/6/2001 Oakwood Friends School, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA Several inconsistencies on 4 pages in Files and Folders about the folder to save to. Had win95 project2 instead of win project2. That will teach me to change my mind!
2/25/2001 DkuSketch Keyboard was not in the Glossary. In the Spanish version, Procesador de Palabras, Buscar was not translated for the English equivalent.
12/20/2000 Eli Kazatchkov Quiz 6 question 3 had "hard drives" instead of "hard disks". Good catch!
12/01/2000 Daniel U. Thibault Pointed out CD-R instead of CD-W is now the usual term for writable CDs. Also suggested improvements in the definition of FORTRAN.
9/11/2000 Bill Bondreaux Lesson 2 questions are not in synch, again. Probably due to uploading an old version, having hand-corrected the live copy.
<whoops, again!>
5/17/2000 Daniel U. Thibault Pointed out new practices in what number kilobyte, megabyte, etc.  represents. I revised Memory Addresses and the Glossary to include the trend.
1/26/2000 luke Correction on facts about graphical interfaces: UNIX does have one, called X-Windows, which some like better than Windows.
1/21/2000 Jerry Strahn End-of-chapter questions for Lesson 2: teacher and student versions are different. 
1/1/2000 KC Menu vanishing in lesson 7 in Netscape. It's those nested tables. Netscape just chokes sometimes.
2/21/1999 Mikey Inkster Lesson 8 quiz - again. Must have been having trouble getting changes uploaded
1/12/1999 Judy Chambers Lesson 8 quiz - some answers were wrong 
2/8/1998 Ian Kammann Bad link in lesson 9-4noframe.htm for the motherboard

Light Bulb Super Suggestions




09/21/17 Rita Joosten Would like the quizzes to grade themselves after all questions are answered. Unfortunately that requires using a script, which is beyond my ability to craft. A previously used script failed after some update along the way.
12/19/2011 Sandy Fioto's class Link to page of links to resources for programming and artificial intelligence, http://aihorizon.com/resources/links.htm, added to Web Resources
9/15/2011 Helge Rabbas Suggested adding info on transferring AutoCorrect entries from one computer to another, or when upgrading to a new version of Office
07/02/2006 Charlene Elliott Add Open Office applications to lists of examples in Computer Basics: Applications <Done!>
06/30/2006 Per Christensson Link to database of file extensions, FileInfo.net Icon: Off Site. Added to Computer Basics: Hands On: Files <Done!>
12/22/2005 Patrick Carpenter Suggested including discussion of bloated file size and how to reduce file size for presentations. <Done!>
09/10/2005 Krassie Petrova Suggested clarification for Working with Presentations: Project 3: Ex. 3-1 on choosing file type All Files in order to see the theater seats.rtf file in the Open dialog.<Done!>
1/31/2005 Trey Rowzie Add explanation how calculated values can appear to be wrong when numbers have been formatted (i.e. rounded). Working with Numbers: Intro: Number Formats <Done!>
9/17/2004 Colin Barnes Revision for opening Lessons page to remove confusion over Spanish links. <Done!>
9/4/2003 Jenny Robinson Add comment about Reverse printing order being useful for ink jet printers, to Word Basics: Printer Settings <Done>
4/4/2002 Bill Lewis Add illustration of dot-matrix print to Printer Types. Note that dot-matrix printers are also called pin printers. <Done>
4/7/2001 Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, California
CIS 50A Using the Computer
Many suggestions and comments about Computer Basics: vague sections, topics that needed more information, verbose sections. I will follow up on as many as I can. <most done>
3/17/2001 John Michael Blazek Add description of distributed computing to list of Computer Types. <Done!>
10/25/2000 Lucinda Denton Add more info/examples to section on DTP, spreadsheets, databases 
< Done!>
1/26/2000 luke Add Linux to list of operating systems. 

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