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News by Email

Would you like to be notified when I make major changes to the site or when I add new sections or when there are major problems with the site?

I have created a Google Group to post announcements that will go out to members by email. It is free to join. You will need a free Google account to join the group.

To Join:

  1. Send: From the email account that you want to receive my announcements, send an email to janscomplit101updates+subscribe@googlegroups.com
    It does not seem to matter what the subject or body of the message say particularly.
  2. Receive: You will get back an email, similar to the one below.
    You are not yet a member of the group. This step just verifies that you have access to the email account.

    Response from Google Groups when you request to join

  3. Reply: Reply to the email instead of clicking the 'Join This Group' button.
    It does not matter whether you type in a message or not.

    This method guarantees that the email address you used initially will be the one to which my announcement emails go.
    If, instead, you click the 'Join This Group' button and you are logged in to Google, the address for that Google account will be used even if it is different from the email that you used for the request to join. Confusing!

  4. Success: A new email will be sent to confirm your membership. Success in joining

    You are added to the group with the default setting that sends you an email copy of all postings. The only postings will be from me!

To View the group:

It is not necessary to view the group's postings. You will be getting an email copy of the messages that I post. I am the only one who can post to this group.

  1. Click the button 'Visit This Group' in the second email you got.
    Your browser opens a Google Groups page, but you must have a Google account so that you can log in.
  2. Click the Sign In button at the top right of the window.
  3. Select the account associated with the email address you used to join.
    If that email address is not associated with a Google account, create one.
    The browser should now show the Google group.

To unsubscribe: Each email from the group contains a link at the bottom to automatically unsubscribe. You must be mailing from the account that you used to subscribe with.



Home > Jan's CompLit 101 > News by Email