Excel Basics:
Exercise Excel 2-4

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Exercise Excel 2-4: On Your Own

You can get creative now and design your own spreadsheet. Perhaps you could do a personal budget or one for a club or team you are a member of. You could use data you recorded from an experiment or a survey. Be sure everything is neat and easy to read.

Be sure to include in your spreadsheet at least:

  1. a title
  2. a subtitle
  3. column labels
  4. row labels
  5. at least 10 rows of data.
  6. AutoSum either a column or a row
  7. Calculate with a formula besides AutoSum. (Suggestion: use AVERAGE, MAX, or MIN)
  8. Size columns wide enough to view all data and text
  9. a header with your name and date on the left, the file and sheet names in the middle, and  Exercise Excel 2-4  on the right.
  10. a Chart on a separate sheet

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