Working with Numbers: Excel 97 - 2003
Project 2: Excel Basics

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Project Objectives

  • Open a new blank workbook
  • Open an existing workbook
  • Set Regional, Page Setup and Options settings
  • Enter text and numerical data
  • Save a workbook
  • Format rows and columns
  • Sort data
  • Create a Custom List for sorting
  • Formulas
  • AutoFill
  • Spell check
  • Use Page Break Preview & Print Preview
  • Print selection, worksheet, and single page

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Project 2: Excel Basics 
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Working with a spreadsheet is not as natural as working with a Word document. It may take considerable experience before you will feel entirely comfortable. In Project 2 you will learn the basics about spreadsheets. You'll learn how configure the various settings, to enter data, to show all the data, to do simple calculations, to use the basic views, and to print your results. After this project you will be able to create a simple spreadsheet. It might not be pretty, but it will get the job done.

First, however, we need to check how your computer and your copy of Excel are set up. Otherwise what happens when you follow the directions won't be what is described.  It's terribly confusing when you do not know where to go to straighten things out!