Excel Basics:

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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1.   The default currency and the units used in measurement are set in _____.

  a. Regional Settings or Regional and Language Options

 b. Page Setup

 c.  Options

 d. File | User Settings

2.  To arrange rows in alphabetical order based on column A, you need to use the command _____.

  a. Tools | Sort

  b. Data | Sort

  c. Edit | Data | Sort

 d. none of the above

3. To edit existing data in a cell without having to retype it all, you should _____.

 a. double-click the cell

 b. click in the Formula bar

 c. hold SHIFT down while clicking the cell

 d. none of the above - you must retype.

4.  If you select a cell with a date in it and drag the fill handle down across several cells, what happens is that _____.

 a. the date is copied to each cell

 b. the date is increased by 1 day into each cell

 c. the date is increased by 1 week into each cell

 d.  nothing as AutoFill applies only to numbers

5.  To print just part of a sheet, you would select what you want to print and _____

 a. click the Print button

 b. press the PRINT SCREEN key

  c. select Print selection on  Page Setup  |  Sheet  and then print

 d. select Print selection in the Print dialog and then print

6.  To remove the contents of several cells at once, you can _____.

  a. select the cells and press DELETE.

  b. select the cells and choose  Edit  |  Clear...  |  Contents

  c. select the cells and drag the fill handle back up over them

 d. all of the above 

7.  The formula that will add the value of cell D4 to the value of C2 and then multiply by the value in B2 is _____.

  a. (D4+C2)*B2

  b. D4+C2*B2

  c. =(D4+C2)*B2

  d. =(B2*(D4+C2)

8.   The default orientation for the printed page is _____.

  a. portrait

  b. landscape

  c. whatever was last used

   d. vertical

9.  Cell A4 =2 and A5 = 4. You select both cells and drag the fill handle down to A8. The contents of cells A6, A7, and A8 are _____.

  a. 8,16,32

  b. 2,4,2

  c. 2,2,2

 d. 6,8,10

10.   If a cell shows  ####### , it means that _____.

 a. your formula has a syntax error

 b. the row is too short to show the number at the current font size

 c. the column is too narrow to show all the digits of the number

 d. either b or c