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It can be confusing if your results don't match mine. It helps if your Excel window has the same parts showing. Unfortunately even if all your settings are the same as mine, the size of your monitor and the resolution that you use can still make your documents look different from the illustrations. Don' t let it make you too crazy!

Document maximized and the usual bars
Excel window with the usual toolbars. 
The Workbook window is maximized.
  Excel with many toolbars and document wider than the Excel window
Lots of extra toolbars.
Workbook window is wider than the Excel window.

 Excel with no bars and document not maximized
No toolbars at all.
Small workbook window.

Blank maximized sheet
Task Pane open at right

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Before you start...

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Project 2: Excel Basics  
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Step-by-Step: Appearance

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What you will learn:

to match window appearance -
    window size
    document size
    toolbars shown
    view used
    zoom amount

Start with: Icon - Excel with blank document (a blank workbook)

  1. If necessary, open Excel to a blank workbook.
  2. Maximize the Excel windowExcel Window Maximized:
    Click the Maximize button Maximize button in the title bar, if necessary. You usually need all of the display space you can get for spreadsheets!

    If you have a large monitor and/or are using a large resolution, your screen may still not look quite like the illustrations. Some illustrations use a smaller window to save space on the lesson page.

  3. Maximize the document within the Excel windowWorkbook Window Maximized within the Excel window:
    Use the Maximize button Maximize button in the workbook title bar, if necessary.

  4. Toolbars menuBars Showing:
    toolbar, Formatting bar, Formula bar, Status bar. For some reason these are controlled from two different places.
    • Standard and Formatting bars: Right click on any toolbar. A popup menu of toolbars appears. Checked names are for toolbars that are displayed. Unchecked ones are hidden. Click on a name to toggle the bar on or off.

    • dialog for showing toolbarsFormula and Status bars: From the menu select  Tools  |  Options  |  View  Clicking on the checkboxes will put an checkmark in the box, which means the bar will show.

  5. Use Normal view. ( View  |  Normal )
  6. Set Zoom = 100% (the default). Control: Zoom at 100%
  7. Icon: Excel 2003 Task Pane hidden:
    If the Task Pane is showing, click on the Close button at the top of the Task Pane.
    Usually you will want the Task Pane space for the spreadsheet.

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