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Getting your spreadsheet onto paper is more complex than printing letters and reports. A single worksheet can be of any size from 1 cell to over 16 million cells. You must decide how you want it broken up into pages. There are quite a number of options.

The Appendix contains a general Pre-print checklist reference table. Not all items in this list will be important for every sheet you print, of course. The bigger the sheet, the more complex the printing. 

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Before you start...

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What you will learn:

to check sheet for printing
to print with defaults
to print chart

Start with: Class disk, trips8.xls (saved in previous lesson)

Print: Defaults

  1. Click on the tab for Sheet1 to make it the active sheet.
     If cells are selected, click on a cell to remove the selection.
  2. Spell Check. ( Tools  |  Spelling ) Many of the names in the Customer column will be unknown to Excel's dictionary. Look carefully to see if you've typed the name in correctly. Do not add these names to the dictionary.
  3. Select  File  |  Page Setup... . Verify the settings on all the tabs.

    Page - Portrait, 100%, Letter size

    Margins - top and bottom 1 inch, left and right .75 inch, header and footer .5 inch

    Header - name & date, file name - sheet name, Excel Project 2

    Dialog- Header done

    Sheet - all blank except Page order: Down then over.

  4. Click OK to close Page Setup.
  5. Trips.xls Sheet 1 - Page Break PreviewOn the menu select  View  |  Page Break Preview 

    The whole sheet fits neatly on one page.

  6. Trips.xls after pre-print checkClick on Button: Print Preview Print Preview and check that all looks right. Close Print Preview.
  7. Print Print by clicking Button: Print the Print button. Only the active sheet prints.

Print: Chart sheet

  1. Pie Chart active - chart is selectedClick on the tab Pie Chart to make it the active sheet. 
  2. If necessary, click on the chart to select it. There are resizing handles on the chart and the Name Box shows "Chart Area".

  3. Pie Chart preview - chart was selectedClick on Button: Print Preview Print Preview. The chart takes up the whole piece of paper. How unexpected!
  4. Close Print Preview.

  5. Pie Chart - chart is not selectedDeselect the chart by clicking on a cell. No handles should be showing around the chart. The Name Box shows the cell reference where you clicked.

  6. Pie Chart print preview - chart not selected, no headerClick on Button: Print Preview Print Preview. Now the chart is in the upper left of the page. Much smaller. But, there is no header showing! You must set the header separately for each sheet in a workbook or else group the sheets and then set the header.

    TipIf your chart takes up the whole sheet, it was selected when you went to Print Preview. Return to Normal view and click off the chart. Try again.

  7. Click on the Setup… button in Print Preview. The Page Setup dialog opens. Click on the Header/Footer tab and create a custom header with your name, two spaces, the date in the Left section, File name - Sheet name in the Center section, and Excel Project 2 in the Right section. Click on OK to close Page Setup.

  8. Print Click the Print button in the Print Preview window. The Print dialog opens. Use the default settings to print the active window. Click OK to print the chart sheet.

    Pie Chart - printing with header

  9. Class diskSave As  trips9.xls 
    full floppy diskHow to handle a full disk

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