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The default settings do not always give you the result you want. Happily you have many ways to adjust what will print and on how many pages.

You can choose what cells to print, to repeat the title rows on all pages, to print gridlines, to print row and column headings, to squeeze all onto a particular number of pages, to break pages at particular spots. Choice, choices, choices!

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Step-by-Step: Print Options

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What you will learn:

to print gridlines and headings
to center sheet on page
to change page breaks
to print titles
to print selection

Start with: Class disk, trips9.xls (saved in previous lesson)

Print: Gridlines, Headings, Centered

  1. Make Sheet1 active, if necessary, by clicking on its tab.
  2. Open Page Setup (File | Page Setup....) and make some choices.

  3. Check Gridlines and Row and Column HeadingsOn the Sheet tab, in the Print section, check Gridlines and Row and column headings.
  4. Dialog: Center on page both horizontally and verticallyOn the Margins tab, in the Center on page section check both Horizontally and Vertically.

     Trips.xls Sheet 1 - preview with sheet centered horizontally and vertically
  5. Click on OK to close Page Setup.
  6. Click on Button: Print Preview the Print Preview button to check layout.
  7. Print Print.

Print: Break Pages, Print Titles

  1. From the menu choose  View  |  Page Break Preview .
  2. Menu: Insert Page Break Right click on the row heading for Row 26, the blank row between the two tables.
  3. From the popup menu select  Insert Page Break .

    Page Break Preview of sheet 1A new blue line appears at the top edge of Row 26. The sheet is now divided into two parts, which will print separately. Note the gray Page 1 and Page 2 in the center of each part.

  4. Open Page Setup again to the Sheet tab. ( File  |  Page Setup... ).
      dialog; Page Setup - Sheet tab
  5. In the Print Titles box, type in  $1:$2  so that the first two rows will print on all pages. (You can also click in the box and then drag on the spreadsheet to select these rows.)
  6. Click on Text Button: Print Preview the Print Preview button in this dialog.

    The Print Preview window shows that there are two pages to print by: 

    • There is a Next button at the top.
    • The Status bar shows 1 of 2.
    • The scrollbar length shows there must be another page.

    Print Preview has 3 ways to show that there are mulitple pages

  7. Click on the Next button to see the second page. Rows 1 and 2 (the titles) print above what was after the page break. Neat!
  8. Print Print.

    Trips.xls Sheet 1 printing as two pages with gridlines, headings, and repeated titles

Print: Selection

  1. In Normal view select cells A1:E10. (This is the information on just the Tahiti trips.)
  2. Open Page Setup to the Margins tab. Uncheck the two boxes for Center on page.
  3. Click on the Sheet tab. Uncheck the two boxes for Gridlines and Row and column headings.
  4. Click on OK to close Page Setup.
  5. From the menu select  File  |  Print...  to open the Print dialog. Print selection
  6. Check Selection.
  7. Click on the Preview button on the dialog box to open Print Preview.
    Selection printed
  8. Print Print and close the workbook.
    You do not need to save again unless you want to save the Page Setup settings.

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