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There are many choices for you to consider when setting up Excel to work in a way that is convenient for you. Options for the way Excel behaves are found on the menu  Tools  |  Options...  and in  File  |  Page Setup... . The Regional Settings for Windows 95/98 and the Regional and Language Option for WinXP control the measurement system, default currency, and format for dates and time. 

Cell contents can be edited on the Formula bar, or, if you double-click the cell, in the cell itself. Column Width and Row Height have default sizes but can be AutoFit to the cell contents or sized by dragging or with a dialog. AutoFill can copy cell contents or extend a pattern, even for formulas. AutoSum is a help in creating totals, but you may need to tell Excel which cells you really want to add. The Sort dialog lets you do a three level sort and even use a Custom List for the first level. The Chart Wizard lets you modify the choices as you go. Excel will print the whole sheet or just a selection or certain pages, using choices on the Print dialog. By setting a Print Area you can keep part of the sheet from printing at all. You manage the look of the printed page with the choices on the Margins and Sheet tabs of the Page Setup dialog.

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