Exercise Excel 5-3

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You need to use what you just learned, and maybe learn a little more. Complete all parts of the following exercises. Don't forget to backup your Class disk when you have completed the exercises or whenever you stop for the day and saved a document along the way.

This exercise uses the file from Exercise 5-2. Save the changed document to your Class disk in the excel project5 folder. This keeps the original files intact in case you need to start over.
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Exercise Excel 5-3:

Soccer Budget - What If

What you will do: create a What-If sheet based on the existing sheet
balance the budget by changing income and expenses

Start with: Class disk, soccer budget5.xls from excel project5 folder (created in Exercise 5-2).

Use the budget sheet you have been working on to create a What-If sheet to help you set next year's budget. Some numbers are known for next year. You must make reasonable changes in other amounts on the What-If sheet to balance the budget.

  1. Class diskOpen soccer budget5.xls from the excel project5 folder on your Class disk.
  2. Copy the sheet Soccer Budget to a new sheet named What If .
    (The rest of the directions apply to the What If sheet.)
  3. Change the subtitle "Budget 1998" to "Budget - What If".  Delete the year 1998.
  4. Clear  data and formatting in columns E, F, and column G with Clear | All.
  5. Repair formatting of grand totals row.
  6. Changes in expenses: Some numbers are already known for next year.
    • Field rental will increase to $100 for each field.
    • Insurance expense will go up to $14 each.
    • The referees will cost a total of $900.
    • All of the sponsors have agreed to continue their support at $500 each instead of $400.
  7. Other changes: You must make changes in other income or expense items that seem reasonable to you until you have a balanced budget, that is the grand total under Budget is zero or slightly higher. [There will be many ways to do this! Remember that the Budget column values come from multiplying columns B and C. Don't forget that income can change, too.]
  8. Prepare to print: Edit the header of sheet What If to include Exercise Excel 5-3 on the right. Spell Check. Print Preview.
  9. Class diskSave as  soccer budget5-whatif.xls .
  10. Print Print the sheet What If on one page.