Exercise Excel 5-4

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You need to use what you just learned, and maybe learn a little more. Complete all parts of the following exercises. Don't forget to backup your Class disk when you have completed the exercises or whenever you stop for the day and saved a document along the way.

This exercise uses files from the resource files. Save the changed document to your Class disk in the excel project5 folder. This keeps the original files intact in case you need to start over.
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Exercise Excel 5-4:

Computer Today - Share data

What you will do: insert Excel charts into a Word document

Start with: Class disk, Pinging_the_Net.doc and pingcharts.xls  from the resource files

You will finish up an article for the next issue of Computers Today about the Internet speed research using the ping data. The article needs to have some Excel charts added. Once the article is printed you will not be able to tell if your charts were embedded, linked, or just pictures of the originals. However, to be sure the article uses the most recent data, the charts should be linked.

  1. From the resource files , open Pinging_the_Net.doc in Word and open pingcharts.xls in Excel. (Click on the links to download each file separately.)
    If you look for Pinging the Net.doc in an Excel Open dialog, you won't see it since it's not an xls file.

    You will see a message asking if you want to update the linked data. Choose No. You do not have the source document.

    Message: Links to another workbook. Update?

  2. Read the Word document and decide where the 4 charts should go.
  3. Linked object: Switch to Excel and copy the chart USA Today Daily Averages. Return to Word and use Paste Special to Paste link the chart in the spot you have chosen.
  4. Resize object: Right click on the chart and choose Format Object. Select the Size tab. Resize the chart to 50%. Drag it into position, if necessary. You may have considerable trouble positioning your little charts. If the chart snaps back when you drag, try to cut it from Word and paste it into position. That can erase the stubborn position setting. [The small chart will be much easier to read in print than it is on your screen.]
  5. Linked object 2: Return to Excel and copy the second chart - Etrade Daily Averages. Repeat the steps above for this chart.
  6. Linked objects 3 & 4: Continue with the same steps for the last two charts - USA Today Hourly Averages and Etrade Hourly Averages.
  7. Prepare to print: Create a header containing your name and the date on the left, the filename in the center, and Exercise Excel 5-4 on the right. Spell check. Print Preview.
  8. Class disk Save your changed Pinging the Net.doc to the Class disk in the excel project5 folder, using the same name.
  9. Print  Print. [Results will vary depending on exactly how you placed the charts.]