Working with Numbers: Excel 97 - 2003
Project 5: Spreadsheet Design

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Project Objectives

  • Learn sheet design principles
  • Create, format, and print comments.
  • Use Planning Checklist
  • Create a What If sheet
  • Use the IF function and conditional formatting
  • Create formulas using cell names
  • Share data with Word


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The real power of spreadsheets is not in simple sheets that are created and used just once. It's in the sheets that can be used and reused - the sheets that allow you to change values to see what the consequences are. These are called What If sheets.

In this lesson you will learn to recognize good design for spreadsheets and how to plan one yourself. You will document what you have done and why. You will learn to use spreadsheets for What If experiments and how to make the formatting change depending on the values. Finally you will see how to include a spreadsheet in a Word document.