Working with Numbers: Excel 97 - 2003
Project 3: Format & Arrange

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Project Objectives

  • Wrap text in a cell
  • Merge cells
  • Format whole sheet with AutoFormat
  • Format cells- font size, color, style, alignment, background
  • Format part of text in cell
  • Customize a toolbar
  • Create a cell style
  • Print formulas
  • Print in Landscape orientation
  • Format a chart - chart type, data series, fill, labels, titles, legend
  • Move and copy cells and sheets
  • Use Paste Special, Paste Link
  • Insert cell, row, column, sheet
  • Edit multiple sheets at the same time
  • Print entire workbook
  • Know the meaning of error values

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Project 3: Format & Arrange
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Previously, in Excel Project 2, you worked on spreadsheet basics - entering data, simple calculations, and printing your results. In Excel Project 3 you will learn to format your sheets to make them easier to read and use, by choosing the font, font size, color, and alignment. You will learn how to rearrange the parts of your workbook by moving, inserting, and copying cells, ranges, and sheets