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Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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1.   To access the dialog to customize a toolbar you would  _____.

  a. double-click the toolbar you want to edit

  b. select from the menu  Tools  |  Customize… 

  c. right-click any toolbar and choose  Customize  from the popup menu

  d. all of the above

2.   Once you have created a chart you may change _____.

   a. only the formatting for text like titles and data labels

   b. only by going back through the Chart Wizard

   c. everything about the chart

  d. the text formatting and the data series patterns only

3. If your sheet is too wide to print on one sheet, to make it fit on one page you can try _____.

  a. make the column widths smaller

  b. make the margins smaller

  c. use the Fit to… setting in the Scaling section of Page Setup

  d. change the orientation

  e. all of the above

4.  If a cell shows #####, it means that _____.

  a. the column is too narrow to show all of the number

  b. the row is too short to show all of the number

  c. Excel does not understand your formula

  d.  you tried to divide by zero

5.   To copy just the formatting of a range you would use _____

  a. CTRL + Copy

  b. Format Painter

  c.  Paste Special  |  Formats 

  d.   Paste Special  |  Paste Link 

6.   If you drag a selection on top of cells that have data, what happens next is that _____.

   a.the old data is overwritten with what you dragged

   b. the old data is moved down and to the right so it is out of the way

   c. you are asked if you want to replace the data

  d. you are told that you cannot do that since the cells are not empty

7.  The settings to wrap text in a cell and to merge cells are found in the Format Cells dialog on the _____ tab.

   a. Number

   b. Alignment

   c. Font

   d. Border

8.   You have selected Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3 at the same time so they are grouped. On Sheet1, cell F6 contains the number 55. On Sheet2, cell F6 contains the word Income. On Sheet3, cell F6 contains the formula =D6*E6. You select the contents of cell B1 which contains the number 2000, then click the Copy button, and paste to cell F6 on Sheet1. Which of the following are true:

   a. The contents of F6 on Sheet1 is now 2000 but the other sheets are not changed

   b. The contents of F6 on all three sheets is changed to 2000.

   c. The contents of F6 is changed on Sheet1 and Sheet2 but not on Sheet3 since it has a formula

   d. You are asked if you want to move the contents to the right or down or delete the whole row or column

9.   The styles available in the Style Box _____.

   a. include paragraph, character, and cell styles.

   b. include only cell styles

   c. include paragraph and cell styles only

  d. can be created only using the Style dialog on the Format menu

10.   To clear just the formats from a selection you can _____.

  a.  choose from the menu  Edit  |  Clear…  |  Formats 

  b.  use the key combo CTRL + f

  c.  right click on the selection and choose  Clear…  |  Formats 

  d. choose  Format  |  AutoFormat…  | select format None.

  e. either a or d.