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In Excel Project 3, you learned how to format cells and text and how to move, insert, and copy data.

Cells can be formatted by adding background color, changing text formats, aligning cell contents both horizontally and vertically, wrapping text, and merging cells.

Data can be moved, inserted, and copied with several methods. When inserting, the existing data can be moved only to the right or down.

Linking cells by typing the references or with Paste Link keeps copies of data updated with the latest information.

Every aspect of a chart can be changed after it is created.

Printing choices include the entire workbook, the active sheet(s), a selection, specific page(s). Showing formulas instead of values can help you see where things went wrong.

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What You Printed for Excel Project 3:


File and sheet

What is it?

# of pages



AutoFormat. Print selection.

1 page



Removed all formats.

1 page


trips14.xls - Sheet1

Print formulas. Landscape orientation

1 page

4. trips15.xls - Pie Chart

Number of people pie chart

1 page
5. trips16.xls - Tickets Sold Chart Columns chart with cloud background 1 page
6. trips17.xls - Sheet 1 After moving columns & cells 1 page



Print Entire Workbook.

6 pages

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