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You can use images and drawings to point out special values, identify groups, or just make your sheets more attractive.

Images and drawings are only loosely connected to the cell or cells underneath them. Those cells can still contain data, even though there is an image on top hiding them.

What happens if you select and then move, delete or resize?

Image/drawing- Cells underneath are not affected. Drag it around as much as you like.

Dialog: Format - oject positioning sectionCell(s)- What will happen to an image or drawing on top of the cells is controlled by the Properties dialog for the image/drawing.

To see this dialog right click on the image or drawing object and from the popup menu select  Format Picture  for an image,  Format Object  for a drawing, or  Format AutoShape  for an AutoShape.

  • Move and size with cells - The image/drawing will move with the cells and change size if the cells change size.

  • Move but don't size with cells - The image/drawing will move with the cells but will not change size.

  • Don't move or size with cells The image/drawing says put no matter what you do to the cells underneath.

You do not have to move all of the cells underneath an image/drawing to get it to move with them. Half is usually enough, and considerably less than half may work. The cells at the top and left side of the image/drawing seem to be more tightly attached to the image/drawing than the cells at the right and bottom edges. This can be rather confusing.

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Problem: How to select a cell when it is hidden by an image or drawing?

Clicking on the image/drawing will select the image/drawing and not the cell underneath!


  • Select a cell that is not underneath and use the arrow keys to move the selection under the image/drawing. Hold the SHIFT key down to select several cells.

  • Type the cell reference(s) in the Name Box and press ENTER.