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Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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An AutoShape is a drawing object that Excel has already designed for you. There a many of these AutoShapes and you can combine them into even more complex drawings.

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Step-by-Step: Add AutoShape

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What you will learn:

to insert an AutoShape
to color an AutoShape
to use AutoCalculate
to copy and paste an AutoShape
to delete an AutoShape
that shapes are attached to cells but are not in the cells

Start with: Class disk trips24xls - Formatted Groups sheet (saved in previous lesson)

Popup Menu: AutoCalculate choicesOn the Status bar there is a wide space that shows a value that is calculated whenever you select cells. The default is to Sum the cells' values. But there are several other choices, available on a right-click popup menu. To take advantage of this feature, all you have to do is remember that it is there!

You are going to add a shape to draw attention to the maximum Totals in the upper and lower tables. First you need to find out which cells have the maximum values. Excel's AutoCalculate feature will help, especially when there are many values to inspect.

AutoCalculate: Maximum

  1. Switch, if necessary, to the sheet Formatted Groups.
  2. Right click on the Status bar and click on Max, which picks the Maximum value from the selection
  3. Select the whole column of Total Sale values, F5:F23.
  4. Status bar: Autocalculate - MaxInspect the Status bar.  It shows the largest of the values selected. Note which cell contains the Max. You are going to insert an AutoShape to point out this cell.
  5. Experiment with other functions on the popup menu and other selections. All this selecting and AutoCalculating does not change anything on the sheet.

AutoShape: Insert

  1. Select the cell to the right of the maximum value you found for the upper table.
  2. Show the Drawing toolbar, if necessary, by clicking Button: Drawing the Drawing button
  3. Menu: Drawing | AutoShapes | Block Arrows | Left arrowClick on the AutoShapes button and choose Block Arrows and then Left Arrow.
  4. Drag inside the cell you selected to create an arrow pointing to the maximum value on the left. Make the arrow fit entirely inside the cell.
  5. Fill the arrow with Dark Red Cell is selected, not arrow using the Fill Color button on the Drawing bar or the Formatting bar.
    Toolbar: AutoShapes with arrow paletteTipAnother way to insert AutoShapes is from the menu  Insert  | Picture | Autoshapes . An AutoShape toolbar pops up. From the bar you can open palettes of shapes that match the cascading menu.

AutoShape: Copy with Cell

The AutoShape, like other drawings or images, is not actually in the cell. But, it is attached to the cell, as the following steps show.

  1. Select the cell (not the arrow itself) Cell is selected, not arrow containing the arrow and copy it.
  2. Select the Totals in the lower table, cells D36:D43.
  3. Inspect the Status bar to see what the Max is for the selection.
  4. Select the cell to the right of the maximum
  5. Arrows inserted to point out max valuesPaste. The arrow is pasted along with the cell.
    Of course you could have just selected the arrow itself and paste just the arrow. But doing it this way proves that the arrow was indeed attached to the cell since it came along for the ride when you copied the cell.

AutoShape: Delete

  1. While the cell is still selected Cell is selected, not arrow, press DELETE to remove the arrow. Nothing seems to happen. The arrow does not vanish! Only the cell contents would be deleted. The AutoShape is attached to the cell, but it is not counted as part of the cell's contents.
  2. Click on the arrow itself to select it.Arrow selected, not cell 
    Icon: Excel 2002Icon: Excel 2003 In Excel 2002/2003, handles are circles instead of squares. The green circle is a rotation handle.
  3. Press DELETE again. Now it is removed.
  4. Undo so that you again have 2 arrows.
  5. Class disk Save as  trips25.xls .
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