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Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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There is no reason to settle for boring worksheets! An image or two can  certainly perk them up. Clip art and photos can both be added to Excel sheets.

Beach Asian building

Example images: Clip art

Photo: Swimming Pool Photo: Aztec Pyramid

Example images: Photos


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Before you start...

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Improvements you will make:

  • Rework subtitle. A little color will help a lot.
  • Remove data in the Trips column since all trips on each sheet are the same.
  • Add images to the 4 trip sheets. Your images will be larger than a single cell.
  • Add a title naming the trip covered on each sheet.

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Step-by-Step: Add Image

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What you will learn:

that a linked cell can have only 1 format
to insert an image from a file
to move and resize image
to select cells underneath an image

Start with: Class disk trips25.xls - sheets for trips (saved in previous lesson), resource files

Format linked cells

Recall that the title cells for all the other sheets are linked to the title cells on Specials. At one point in you experimenting the subtitle Anniversary Specials was formatted as Anniversary (green bold) Specials (red bold  italic). That red Specials would look good, but there is a problem because of the linking.

  1. Open the sheet Tahiti and select cell A2, the subtitle Anniversary Specials. The Formula bar shows that this cell is linked:  =Specials!A2 .

  2. Switch to Specials and select A2.

  3. Format the word  Specials  as Dark Red and italic. Anniversary (green bold) Specials (red bold  italic)

  4. Switch back to Tahiti. Whoops. The subtitle did not update to show the new formatting!

    Linked cells do not carry formatting with them. Earlier you applied formatting with Paste Special. But Paste Special and Format Painter only see the first formatting in the cell. The red and italics is ignored. <sigh!> Another approach is needed.

  5. Copy cell Specials!A2.

  6. Group sheets Agent Totals, Tahiti, New Zealand, World, Other, and Formatted Groups.

  7. Select the sheet Tahiti and paste to A2. Now all the A2 cells in all the grouped sheets are the same as Specials!A2, but they are not linked to Specials!A2.

  8. Ungroup the sheets.

  9. Class diskSave as  trips26.xls .
    Full floppy disk How to handle a full disk

Remove Trip column data

You are going to remove the data in the Trip column since it is not needed on the trips sheets. Each sheet is about only 1 trip. You will leave the cells blank instead of deleting them so there will be some room for an image.

  1. Group the sheets Tahiti, New Zealand, World, and Other.
  2. Select cells A4:A11 (this includes all the cells in column A with data on all 4 sheets). Press DELETE. The Trip column is now blank. The formatting is still there. Check each sheet in the group.
  3. Ungroup the sheets.

Insert Image: Palm

Now you have some space for an image.

  1. Select sheet Tahiti.
  2. From the menu select  Insert  |  Picture  |  From File .
  3. In the Picture dialog, type the path to the resource files image -   c:\My Documents\complit101\numbers\palmtree.wmf . The palm tree image is placed on the sheet at its original size, which is much larger than you need.

Resize & Position Image

  1. Reduce the size of the image by dragging a corner handle of the image until it is about 6 rows tall.
  2. Drag the image to rows 5 - 10 in column A
  3. Widen column A to hold the whole tree.

    The gridlines behind the palm tree show because part of the image is transparent. You can get rid of them by merging the cells under the image.

    The trick is how to get the cells selected while the image is on top of them. You could move the image while you select, but sometimes it is hard to get an image back just exactly right.

  4. Cells under palm are selectedSelect cell A3. Use the arrow key to move down to cell A4, underneath the image. Hold the SHIFT key  down and use the down arrow to move to A10. Now the range A5:A10 is selected.
  5. Click on Button: Merge & Center the Merge and Center button. Gridlines are gone!

Tahiti sheet with Palm image

Insert Image: New Zealand and World sheets

  1. New Zealand sheet with FlagRepeat the procedure for the sheet New Zealand

    [Insert image  NZflag.wmf ; resize image to about 3 rows tall, and position image in column A; widen column A, merge cells A5:A9.]

    World sheet with Globe

  2. Repeat the procedure for the sheet World, with one additional step.

    [Insert image Globe.wmf; resize image to about 4 rows high.]

  3. Before positioning the globe image, resize Rows 5 and 6 to 30.00 high. The globe would be much too small if you make it fit over two rows at the default height.
    (Hint: select the rows and drag a bottom edge of a row heading. Look at the popup tip for the size.)
  4. Select rows 5 and 6 and set  Format  |  Cells…  |  Alignment  |  Vertical Alignment  = Center.
  5. Position the globe image in column A.
  6. Widen column A and merge cells A5 and A6 to remove the gridline.

Format sheet: Other

  1. Select sheet Other. You don't have an image for this one, but you can clean it up a bit.Message: merging may lose data
  2. Select cells A5:A10 and click Button: Merge & Center the Merge and Center button. Click on OK on the message about losing cell contents. Other sheet cleaned up

  3. With the merged cell selected,  Format  |  Cells…  |  Alignment  |  Vertical Alignment  = Center.
  4. On the Font tab, set Arial, Bold, size 12, Green.
  5. Type  Other .
  6. AutoFit column A.
  7. Class disk Save. [trips26.xls]
    Full floppy disk How to handle a full disk

Add Subtitle: Trip

The images give you a big clue and the sheet title clearly tells you what each sheet is about. Still, when printed or glanced at quickly, the sheet needs to say plainly what trip is covered on that sheet.

You will add and format another subtitle.

  1. Group sheets Tahiti, New Zealand, Worlds, and Other.
  2. Select cells A3:F3, which are between the subtitle Anniversary Specials and the column labels.
  3. Click on Button: Merge & Center the Center and Merge button.
  4. Click on cell A2  and then on Button: Format Painter the Format Painter button to pick up the formatting of the subtitle.
  5. Click on cell A3 to apply the formatting to the new merged cell. There is no text there yet.
  6. Ungroup the sheets.
  7. On each of the 4 trip sheets, in cell A3 type the trip for that sheet: Tahiti, New Zealand, World, or Other.
  8. Class disk Save. [trips26.xls]
    Full floppy disk How to handle a full disk

Trips sheets after inserting images