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Select Sheets

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To select worksheets, you use the tabs at the bottom of the workbook window. 

Why would you want to select sheets? 

  • To rearrange their order 

  • To copy sheet(s) to a new spreadsheet

  • To perform the same action on all the selected sheets at once.  
    (This is tricky, but it can be a very handy way to format a set of sheets all at once.)


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Before you start...

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Step-by-Step: Select Sheets

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What you will learn:

to select a sheet
to select adjacent sheets
to select non-adjacent sheets 
to de-select a group of sheets

Start with: (Excel open to budget.xls from resource files)

Select Sheet: Click

The sheets in this workbook have names to fit their contents.

  1. Click on the sheet tab for Inflow-Outflow Difference.

    It is now the active sheet, which puts it on top of the other sheets. This sheet is a chart based on data on the Budget sheet.

Select Sheets: Keys

Sheets that are selected together are grouped.

  1. Select the sheet named Budget.
  2. Hold the SHIFT key down and click on the sheet named Actual.

    3 sheets selected

    All three sheets are all selected. They are grouped.

    Tip You cannot drag to select multiple sheets. Dragging moves the sheet(s) instead.

    WarningWhen multiple sheets are selected, anything you do to the one on top (the visible one), is done to all of the selected sheets. This includes entering data, formatting, adding or deleting rows or columns, and clearing data. Be very careful when multiple sheets are selected!

  3. Ungroup sheets (mouse): Click on Actual
  4. Tip Grouping is removed when you click on a sheet that is not in the group. If all of the sheets are grouped, a click on any sheet removes the grouping.

Select Sheets: Non-adjacent

  1. Select non-adjacent sheets: With the sheet Actual selected, hold the CTRL key down and click on Budget. Only the sheets Budget and Actual are selected. The name Actual is bold and Actual is the active (visible)  sheet.

    Non-adjacent sheets selected.

  2. Click on the sheet Budget. It becomes the active sheet. The grouping remains.
  3. Right click menu with sheets selectedUngroup sheets (menu)
    Right click on the Budget tab and from the popup menu choose  Ungroup Sheets . Now only the Budget sheet is selected.

    This method is best when you want to ungroup the sheets, but you want to switch to a different sheet.


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