Advanced PowerPoint:
Exercise PowerPoint 3-2

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

Did you want: Working with Presentations: PowerPoint 2007,2010,2013,2016 or español

You need to use what you just learned, and maybe learn a little more. Complete all parts of the following exercises. Don't forget to backup your Class disk when you have completed the exercises or whenever you stop for the day and saved a document along the way.

This exercise does not use files from the presentations resource files.
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Before you start...

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Exercise PowerPoint 3-2: Tables & Chart

What you will do:

Create a presentation manually
Format and animate
Add tables
Icon: New SkillAdd tables to Notes page
Add a chart to a slide
Apply custom animation to a chart
Save as template.

Start with: blank presentation

The City Soccer League is having a management meeting to review the last season and its budget. You will prepare a presentation for the president to show during the discussion. It should advance by clicking since he will be talking for a while at each slide.

  1. Open a new blank presentation.
  2. Titles: Create slides with the following titles:

    Title Slide: City Soccer League

    Title Slide - subtitle:  End of Season Report

    Slide 2: Team Standings Level 1

    Slide 3: Team Standings Level 2

    Slide 4: Budget Grand Totals

    Slide 5: Budget vs. Actual

  3. Icon: Class diskSave to your Class disk as  soccer-yearendreport.ppt .
  4. Icon: Blends templateDesign Template: Apply the Blends template.
  5. Masters: Ungroup and delete the colored blocks on the Slide and Title Masters, but leave the horizontal lines in place.
    Clip art: Soccer playerInsert a clip art image of a soccer player onto the Title Master and align and resize, if necessary, the image to fit at the left of the slide along the horizontal line.
    Icon: TroubleIf you cannot find the image used here, pick a similar one or at least something related to soccer.
    Repeat for the Slide Master.
    Resize the text placeholders so that the text will not be underneath the image you added.
  6. Slide 2: Team Standings - Level 1
    Add the following table, clear of the image-

    Use the Drawing bar's Fill button to color the background of selected cells.

  7. Slide 3: Team Standings - Level 2
    Add the following table -
  8. Slide 4: Budget - Grand Totals
    Add the following table -
    Grand Total


  9. Slide 5: Budget vs. Actual
    Add a chart using the data from the first 3 rows on the table on Slide 4.
    Format the Income data series to use the same Green color as in the table instead of the lighter green that is in the Color Scheme.
  10. Notes: Add to the Notes page for Slide 4: Budget - Grand Totals the tables that breakdown the sources of income and the expense items.
    Printable page of tables
    Income Budget Actual Difference
    Players fees 3600 3600 0
    Sponsorship 3200 4000 800
    Total 6800 7600 800


    Expenses Budget Actual Difference
    Balls 800 600 200
    Equipment 0 450 -450
    Field Rental 400 400 0
    Flyers 30 25 5
    Insurance 1632 1632 0
    Referees 0 600 -600
    Trophies 150 155 -5
    Uniforms 2640 2700 -60
    Totals 5652 6562 -910
  11. Transitions and Animations:
    Apply the Faded Zoom animation scheme to All Slides. (No transition. Faded Zoom for Title, and Fade for Body)
    Apply the Fade custom animation to each table and to the chart, with the option to group by series.
  12. Icon: Class diskSave. [soccer-yearendreport.ppt]
  13. Icon: Printer Print a handout (6 slides per page) with your name, the date, and PowerPoint Exercise 3-2 in the header.
  14. Icon: Printer Print the Notes page for just Slide 4: Budget - Grand Totals.

  15. Icon: Class diskSave your presentation as a design template to your Class disk with the name  citysoccerleague.pot .
  16. Icon: Class diskSave as a Web Page to your Class disk with the name soccer-yearendreport.htm .
  17. View your web page in a browser.
    Icon: TroubleTables and chart missing: After a slide's title appears, click on the slide to allow the table or chart to appear. Then click the arrow to advance to the next slide.