Advanced PowerPoint:
Exercise PowerPoint 3-3

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

Did you want: Working with Presentations: PowerPoint 2007,2010,2013,2016 or español

You can work up your own presentation now, using the skills you have learned.

This exercise does not use any of the resource files. You will be creating a presentation of your own.
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Exercise PowerPoint 3-3: On Your Own

What you will do:

Create a presentation from an outline
Include an animated chart.

Pick a topic for your presentation that lends itself to being outlined. You will also need some data that can be put on a column chart.

  • Write an outline for your presentation in a word processing program, like Microsoft Word or WordPad.
  • Icon: Printer Print your outline, with your name and the date in the header on the left and PowerPoint Exercise 3-3 on the right.
  • Use PowerPoint to open your outline.
  • Format your presentation and add images, transitions, and animations.
  • Add a column chart to one slide and format it, including with a custom animation that reveals the chart by series or category.
  • Icon: Printer Print a handout of your slides with 6 per page. Include your name, the date, and PowerPoint Exercise 3-3 in the header.