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Images can have PowerPoint animations, just like text. You can have an image swirl into view or fade in and out or swoop around the screen and out of sight. It is entirely too easy to get overly enchanted with animated images.

Don't get confused:

  • Animation: Falling snowAnimated gif -  a set of images in one file that automatically play to give the effect of motion.
    (Play the snow animation.)

  • PowerPoint animation - effect of motion applied to an image or group of images or other object by PowerPoint. The image file is not changed.

Icon: PowerPoint 2002Animation of Image based on Slide Master animation:

  • Image inserted with AutoLayout on: Uses the same animation scheme that as the Body placeholder.

  • Image inserted with AutoLayout off: Image is ignored by animation scheme from the Master.  (Apply custom animation separately.)

Icon: PowerPoint 2003 Slide Master animations do not affect inserted images.

With Custom Animation, you can add new animations and adjust or remove existing animations - except those from the Master.

If the animation on the Master is not what you want for particular slides, create a new master to use those slides.

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Step-by-Step:Animate Image

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What you will learn:

to apply custom animation to an image

Start with: Icon: Class disk,  nz-pictures.ppt from the previous lesson

Icon: PowerPoint 2002In PowerPoint 2002 the photos you inserted earlier with AutoLayout on have the same animation effect as the text.

The clip art image you added in the previous lesson was done with AutoLayout turned off. It is not animated at all. You can add an effect with Custom Animation.

Verify Animation Effects

  1. If necessary, open nz-pictures.ppt from your Class disk.
  2. Play the slide show Button: Slide Show and verify that all of the photos are using the same effect as the text. The clipart image on the last slide should not be animated.
    Icon: TroublePhotos not animated: Icon: PowerPoint 2002Be sure AutoLayout is on [Tools | Autocorrect Options... | AutoFormat as you type - check the box for AutoLayout for inserted objects] . Then delete the image and reinsert it. (All photos came from your resource files.)
  3. On the last slide, select the clip art globe with airplane.
  4. Task Pane: Custom Animation - Master slide effects listedFrom the menu select  Slide Show | Custom Animation... 
    The pane shows in gray the effects that are applied by the slide master.

  5. Pane: Custom Animation - Master effects playingClick the Play button Button: Play at the bottom of the pane. A progress bar appears as each effect is played. This can be quite helpful when you have several effects going on. The time it takes can be longer than you expect.

Add Custom Animation

  1. Dialog: Add Entrance EffectWith the clip art image selected, click in the task pane on Add Effect, then Entrance. The Add Entrance Effect list appears.
  2. Scroll down to the Exciting section and select Light Speed and click on OK.

    Pane: Custom Animation - Light SpeedAfter animation is applied to clip art, a number shows up.The clip art now has a 1 beside it and the Custom Animation list shows a new effect. The awkward name of the image is listed - j0199809.
  3. Click on button: Play the Play button to see how the slide will appear now.
  4. Icon: PowerPoint 2003 Similarly, add custom animation to each of the photos so that they Wipe into view from the left after the bullet text items. [Wipe, From Left]
  5. Icon: Class diskSave As nz-animate.ppt to your Class disk.
    [If you are using floppy disks, you may need to start using a new one, if you have not had to already.]
    Full floppy disk How to handle a full Class disk

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