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An image that you insert on a Slide or Title Master will appear on every slide, but it does not have to be sized to cover the whole slide like a background does. This is the easy way to get your logo and decorative touches onto each slide in exactly the same position and size, like in the example here.

You can combine drawing objects, imported images, and gradient and pattern fills to create quite complex and subtle backgrounds.

Background image made with multiple imagesThe compound image at the right comes from one of the design templates. It looks like a single image. But, it is actually made with a gradient background fill plus an imported graphic that contains the numbers and the squiggle and another line of numbers that does not show in the thumbnail.

WarningAny image that you include on the Slide Master will appear on every slide that uses that master.  You cannot remove it for an individual slide that uses that Master. Choose the size and location on the slide carefully.

Starting with PowerPoint 2002, you can use multiple Slide Masters. So now you can create a separate Master for those slides that don't need the problem image.

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Master: Inserting an Image

When you insert an image onto a Master slide, it will be centered vertically and horizontally and at large size.

Inserted photo larger than slide

Most photos and some drawings are larger than the slide!

Inserted clip art is small and centered.

Clip art images are centered
but are fairly small to start with.

Change Size of Image

Image with handles and AutoCorrect Smart TagIt is easy to change the size of an image by dragging one of the resizing handles, the white circles at the corners and center of each side of the image.

When your mouse is over one of the white circles, the mouse pointer changes to a resizing shape. Pointer: Resize horizontallyPointer: Resize verticallyPointer: Resize diagonally- lower left to upper rightPointer: Resize diagonally - upper left to lower right

When you drag a handle, the image enlarges or shrinks in the direction that you drag.

If you cannot see the handle that you want, scroll the Slide Pane.

TipDrag by a corner to keep the proportions the same as before.

TipThe handles don't show unless an image is selected.
WarningEnlarging a bitmap image will make the image fuzzy and/or jagged.
All photos and many drawings are bitmap images.

Photo Bitmap drawing

Detail of rainbow at 100%.

Detail of rainbow at 200%.



Example: balloons

 Example: balloons enlargerd

A vector image can be resized without any problems because the shapes are calculated.  Many of the clip art images from the Insert | Clip art... command are vector images.

Example: rainbow clip art  Example: rainbow clip art enlarged

Dialog: Format Picture: Position

Dragging works wonders, but sometimes you need more control. The Format Picture dialog lets you get really picky about your image.

The command to open the Format Picture Dialog, in on the Format menu,  Format Picture... 
and also on the popup context menu when you right click on an image.

Dialog: Format Picture - PositionThe Position tab has boxes where you can set the horizontal and vertical distances from either the top left corner or the center of the slide.

The other tabs come in handy, too, for adjusting the size, colors, and border of an image and for cropping and adjusting brightness and contrast.



Icon Step-by-Step 

Step-by-Step:Master Image

 Icon Step-by-Step

What you will learn:

to add an image to a master
to position the image by dragging
to position the image with Format Picture dialog
to resize placeholders

Start with: Icon: Class disk,  nz-background.ppt

World Travel Inc. brochureWorld Travel Inc. letter on letterheadThe photo background you just applied to the Title Master would be a bad choice for the Slide Master. There will be too much text on the remaining slides.

Instead, you will create a Slide Master that includes the border that World Travel Inc. uses on its stationery and pamphlets.

Slide Master: Insert Image

  1. Icon: Class diskIf necessary, open nz-background.ppt from your Class disk.
  2. Master slide after title formattedOpen the Master view and select the Slide Master.

  3. Menu: Insert | Picture | From file...From the menu select  Insert  |  Picture  |  From file... . The Insert Picture dialog appears.

  4. Dialog: Insert Picture - travelbar.gifNavigate, if necessary, to the location of the resource files on your hard disk and select the image travelbar.gif.
  5. Click on the Insert button. The dialog closes and the selected image appears in the center of the Slide Master. Not a particularly nice location!

    Slide Master after inserting travelbar.gif

Slide Master: Position Image - Drag

Since PowerPoint automatically put the new image in the center, you must change the image's position. To get exactly the right spot, you will need to do more than just drag.

  1. Travel bar positioned at the left of slideDrag the image to the left side of the slide. The image is not quite as tall as the slide.
  2. Try to adjust the image's position without resizing it so that there is the same space above and below the image. Hmmm. The image keeps jumping in steps. Snap to grid is on by default.

    Travel bar falls below top edge  Travel bar at top edge
    You need a way to position the image more precisely. It's in the Format Picture dialog.

Slide Master: Position Image - Dialog Format Picture

  1. Right click on the image and select  Format Picture...  from the popup menu. The Format Picture dialog appears.
  2. Dialog: Format Picture | Position - vertical 0.13"Select the Position tab.
  3. Set:
    to 0" from Top Left Corner
    to 0.13" from Top Left Corner
    Now the image is neatly positioned!

    travelbar.gif added to Slide Master at the left

Master: Resize Placeholders

The placeholders on the Slide Master are partly underneath the image. Easy enough to fix!

  1. Slide Master - placeholders selectedClick in the Title placeholder to select it.
  2. Hold down the SHIFT key and click in the Text placeholder. Now both placeholders are selected and their resizing handles are visible on top of the bar image.
  3. Move your mouse over one of the handles in the center of the left side of a placeholder.

  4. Slide Master - placeholders resized to clear travelbar.gofDrag to the right until the edge of the placeholder is well clear of the bar image. TaDa!
  5. Close Master view.
  6. Icon: Class diskSave As  nz-bar.ppt  to your Class disk.
    Full floppy disk How to handle a full Class disk

Slide Sorter view

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