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To make sure your presentation is ready for public viewing, you must check it thoroughly using the checklist. You will probably want to make some changes.

Then you will need to choose slide show options and, finally, to decide on a format. So many things left to do after the slides themselves are done!

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Rehearse Timings

Toolbar: Rehease timingsSome slides need to stay in view longer than others. The Rehearse Timings feature records the actual time intervals while you advance through the show by clicking.

You need different time intervals for different slides and different animations. Keep in mind that it takes longer to read when the information is new to you, but also, long waits are boring! It's a balancing act.

The arrow button Button: Advance advances the rehearsal to the next transition or animation.
The Pause button Button: Pause lets you pause the rehearsal.
The time in the white box Button: Current timing is for the current effect.
The Restart button Button: Restart starts the current slide's transition and animations over again.
The time at the right of the bar Button: Total time is the total time for all slides that you have timed.

When you have finished walking through the show, a message box asks if you want to save the timings to the slides. Just pick No if all was not perfect!

Message: Do you want to keep the rehearsed timings

Edit timings for one slide: Edit an individual slide by quickly clicking Button: Advance the Advance button until you get to the slide. Use the Start over button Button: Start over to restart the timer for a slide. When you have finished your edits, click Button: Close the Close button.

TipExisting timings are replaced only for slides that you actually timed in the rehearsal. The total time on the bar and in the message box will not be correct unless you actually timed each part.

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What you will learn:

to verify that presentation is complete & correct
to configure with Set Up Show
to configure to advance automatically
to use Rehearse timings

Start with: Icon: Class disk,  nz-animatedata.ppt

Verify Content

  1. Open the presentation in Slide Sorter view.
    Slide Sorter view of presentation - 11 slides

  2. Verify the following. Make corrections as necessary.

    • Order of the slides

    • Background and fixed image

    • Slide Titles: text, formatting, alignment

    • Slide text: text, formatting, alignment, bullets

    • Images: size and position

    • Table & charts: position, formatting

  3. Last slide with font World Travel Inc.Spell Check.

  4. Change the font for the title of the last slide to Matura MT Script Capitals. This is the font that World Travel Inc. uses on all of its stationery and publications.
    Icon: TroubleCan't find font: If you do not find Matura MT Script Capitals in your Font list, choose another handwriting type font.

  5. Icon: Class diskSave as  nz-finish-xxx.ppt  to your Class disk, but replace xxx with your own initials.

Verify Transitions & Animations

You need to add a some animations so that the table and charts are not sitting there already while the title fades into view.

  1. Play the Slide Show and verify:

    • Transitions - none

    • Animations -

      • Titles- Fade

      • Bullet text- Wipe from left

      • Table - none

      • Chart (Rain Days) - Fade in series

      • Chart - Languages - none

      • Text box above chart: English - none

      • Clip art globe- Light Speed

  2. Select the table on slide #8 Temperatures.

  3. Pane: Custom Animation : Wipe effect for Temperatures tableApply the Wipe entrance effect, with Start as After Previous and Direction as from Left.

  4. Select chart on slide #10 Languages.

  5. Apply the same effect: Wipe, after previous, from left.

  6. Select the textbox below the title, English speakers.

  7. Apply the Fade effect, after previous, medium.

  8. Play the show, starting with slide #7, to be sure your new animations are working correctly. Depending on your version of PowerPoint and exactly what you have done, you may need to make adjustments.

Print Handouts

Once the slides themselves are proofed, you can print handouts. Afterwards, there are more choices to make about how the presentation will run.

  1. Dialog: Print - Handouts 6 per pageSelect  File | Print... from the menu.

  2. Select to print Handouts with 6 slides per page, Horizontal and Frame slides.

  3. If you have a color printer, choose Color.

  4. Click on the Preview button.
  5. In Print Preview, click on the Options button and select Header and Footer.
  6. In the header, type your name and the date.
  7. In the footer type PowerPoint Project 3.
  8. Icon: Print Print.
  9. Icon: Class diskSave. [nz-finished-xxx.ppt]

Print Preview: nz-finished-xxx.ppt - Page 1 Print Preview: nz-finished-xxx.ppt - Page 2

Dialog: Setup Slide Show - Show Type

It's time for final decisions about how your show will run.

  1. Dialog: Set up show - default choicesFrom the menu, select  Slide Show | Set up show .
    The Set Up Show dialog appears.
    The default Show type is Presented by speaker (full screen). This is not what World Travel Inc. wanted for this show.

  2. Dialog: Set Up Show - kiosk chosenChange Show type to Browsed at a kiosk (full screen).
    In Show options the choice Loop continuously until 'ESC' is automatically checked.
    With this setting, the viewer can click or use keys to advance through the show, but cannot edit the presentation.
  3. Click on Using timings, if present.
    For this presentation needs to run by itself, this choice is necessary.
  4. Click on OK.
  5. Click on the first slide and play the show all the way through.
  6. Make any corrections to transitions and animations that are needed.


Sometimes you want a presentation to run itself, like during the pre-event time or at a trade fair booth. What do you need to do to make this presentation play all by itself, without any clicking?

  • Timings on all transitions
  • Timings on all animations

You will also need to rehearse the timings to be sure the viewer has enough time to read what is on the slide, without having long wait times.

  1. Thumbnails of presentation master slidesOpen the Master view to the Slide Master.
    You have three slide masters: Default Design Slide Master, Default Design Title Master, and Chart Master Slide for slide 9

  2. Pane: Slide Transition - No transition, advance on clickOpen the Slide Transition task pane.
  3. Click on each slide master to see what transition is applied to it. None! Each is set to advance with a mouse click, however.
    You need to leave the No Transition in place, but change how the slide advances.
  4. Select all three thumbnails.
  5. In the Advance slide section, click in the box beside  Automatically after, and set the time to 7 seconds, 00:07.
    Pane: Slide Transition - Advance - 7 seconds
    TipYou need to select a time setting that is long enough for your animations to play and still have a second or two left over. You don't want the slide to advance immediately after the last word or object is displayed!
  6. Close Master View.

Rehearse Timings

It can take a lot of tweaking to get an AutoPlay slide show working just right.

  1. From the Slide Show menu, select  Rehearse Timings . The timer starts immediately.
  2. Wait for the title to fade into view. Click the slide when the fade is finished and you feel that the viewer had enough time to absorb the photo and title.
  3. Continue through all of the slides, clicking the slide once an effect or transition is finished and you think it is time to go on to the next one. If necessary, restart a slide by clicking Button: Restart the Restart button.

    When the show is finished, a message box appears asking if you want to keep these timings.

  4. Click Yes, if you are happy with your timings.
    Click No,  if you are not satisfied. Rehearse the timings again until you are happy with the show.
    Message: Total time for slide show. Keep?
  5. Click on Button: Slide Show the Slide Show button at the bottom of the pane to view the show. Don't use the mouse. Wait for the slides to advance on their own.
  6. Icon: Class diskIf all is working well, save. [nz-finished-xxx.ppt]
    If all is not well, fix the problems and then save.
    Full floppy disk How to handle a full Class disk

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