PowerPoint Basics
PowerPoint Ex. 1-1

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

Did you want: Working with Presentations: PowerPoint 2007,2010,2013,2016 or español

You need to use what you just learned, and maybe learn a little more. Complete all parts of the following exercises. Don't forget to backup your Class disk when you have completed the exercises or whenever you stop for the day and saved a document along the way.

These exercises use files from the presentations resource files. The default location for these files is c:\My Documents\complit101\presentations\ You cannot make changes to these files and save them in the same place. Save the changed documents to your Class disk. This keeps the original resource files intact in case you need to start over or another student will be using this same computer.
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Before you start...

Project 1: PowerPoint Basics
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Exercise PowerPoint 1-1: Edit Existing

What you will do:

Open an existing presentation
Edit text.
Change slide order.
Add a new slide.
Spell Check.
Use the Pre-Print Checklist.
Print handout with header.

Start with: Class disk, theater.ppt from resource files.

The presentation theater.ppt was written to accompany a speech about the history and future of The City Theater. You will make some changes to update the presentation.

  1. Open theater.ppt from the resource files.
  2. Slide #1: City Theater
    Change "Out" to "our". This kind of spelling error will not be caught by Spell Check.
  3. Slide #2: The Beginning
    Delete the second level bullet points: 10 years, 2 years, Current location
  4. Slide #5: Great Managers
    • Delete the photo on the left and its caption.
    • In the bullet list placeholder behind the photo type the following as a list:
      Warren Carpenter
      Louis Draper
      Henri Waldenburg
      Albert Sofich.
  5. Slide # 7: The Future
    Delete the bullet point "Re-pave the parking lot".
  6. Change the order of Slide #3: Great Performances and Slide #4: Great Plays.
  7. Add a new Slide #8: What We Need, with the following bullet points:
    • $1,000,000 in pledges for exterior renovation - June 1
    • $400,000 collected for sound and lighting systems - Sept. 30
    • Committee for web site
  8. Exercise 1-1 completedSpell Check. (There are two more spelling errors - London and Assistant, plus any that you may have introduced yourself.)
  9. Use Pre-Print Check List.
  10. Create a header for the Handouts containing your name and PowerPoint Ex. 1-1 at the left.
  11. Icon: Printer Print in grayscale a handout that shows all of the slides on one page, with a frame around each slide.
  12. Class diskSave as citytheater.ppt to your Class disk.