Jan's Presentations Basics: Exercises

PowerPoint Basics
PowerPoint Ex. 1-3

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

Did you want: Working with Presentations: PowerPoint 2007,2010,2013,2016 or español

You need to use what you just learned, and maybe learn a little more. Complete all parts of the following exercises. Don't forget to backup your Class disk when you have completed the exercises or whenever you stop for the day and saved a document along the way.

These exercises use files from the presentations resource files. The default location for these files is c:\My Documents\complit101\presentations\ You cannot make changes to these files and save them in the same place. Save the changed documents to your Class disk. This keeps the original resource files intact in case you need to start over or another student will be using this same computer.
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Before you start...

Project 1: PowerPoint Basics
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Exercise PowerPoint 1-3: Notes

What you will do:

Add notes to slides.
Edit slides.
Move slide.
Add slide.
Print notes.

Start with:Class disk, choosing.ppt from resource files.

The newsletter/magazine Computers Today is offering free training in computer topics using PowerPoint presentations. You will edit a presentation that is based on Jan's Computer Basics: On Your Own, covering the topic of Choosing Your Own Computer.

  1. Open from the resource files the presentation choosing.ppt.
  2. Slide #4: Your Tasks?
    the bullet from the last line and center the line on the slide.
  3. Slide #5: Buy From?
    the bullet from the first line.
  4. Move the slide Decisions to be the second slide.
  5. Add a new slide before Slide #5: Buy From?  with the title Your Requirements and the following text:

    Based on software for your tasks:

    • Operating system
    • Hard disk space
    • Memory
    • Devices printer, scanner, modem, video card, monitor, sound card, etc.
    • Compatibility
  6. In Notes Page view, add the comments below to the Notes placeholder for Slide #6: Buy From? On the Notes page, you will need to make the slide smaller and the Notes placeholder larger. You may want to reduce the font size but don't let it get too small to read! (Hint: Copy from this page and paste onto your slide.)
    •  Chain computer store
      • Easy to exchange
      • Repair what they sell may charge high minimum & quality of service may vary
      • Large stock on hand incl. national brands
      • Prices usually OK
      • Help close at hand
    • Small computer shop
      • Know their own stock but usually must order
      • More personal
      • More flexible about pricing
      • Clones - computers put together from off-the-shelf parts, making replacement parts and repairs easier.
      • Help close at hand
      • Pricing tends to be somewhat higher
    • Direct from manufacturer
      • Prices usually a bit lower
      • Can order non-standard components
      • Warranty comes from manufacturer and not store
      • Must order and wait
      • Exchanges for broken parts difficult
      • Harder to get help
      • Parts may be more expensive than for a clone
    • Catalog
      • Lower prices!
      • Most accept returns for any reason
      • Must order and wait
      • Must ship to return broken or unsatisfactory order
      • No assistance for installation/configuration
  7. Use the Pre-Print Check list to verify your work and fix any errors.
  8. Create a header for handouts with your name and PowerPoint Ex. 1-3 on the left.
  9. Class disk Save your presentation to your Class disk with the name choosingacomputer.ppt.
  10. Icon: Printer Print the Notes page for slide #6 by itself in grayscale.
  11. Icon: Printer Print a handout with all 6 slides on one page in grayscale or, you may print in color, if your printer can do color. Do not frame the slides as the slide has a border already.

Exercise 1-3: Notes page Exercise 1-3: Handout