Status Bar

Toolbar: Status Bar

Message Area Status Bar: Message Area = Slide 1 of 5

The far left section of the Status Bar shows messages about what is going on with PowerPoint.

Most often the Message Area shows the type of view shown or the number of the current slide and how many slides there are in the whole presentation. Other messages may appear in this area when you perform an action like printing. Most of the time the action messages flick by too fast to read.


Status Bar: Message Area = Slide 1 of 5  Status Bar: Message Area = Slide Sorter

Status Bar: Message Area = Notes 4 of 5  Status Bar: Message Area = Print: 1 of 55 (Print Preview)

Status Bar: Message Area = Slide Master  Status Bar: Message Area = Handout Master

Status Bar: Message Area = PowerPoint is opening...

Design Area Toolbar: Status Bar - Design area

The Design area of the Status Bar shows the name of the Design Template that the current slide is using. The default Design Template is used until you apply a different template.


Status Bar: Design = Default Design

Status Bar: Design = Blends

Status Bar: Design = Tropical

TipWhen you create your own templates, pick a name that clearly describes the template so when you see the name on the Status Bar, it will be helpful.

Icon: PowerPoint 2002In PowerPoint 2002 you can use more than one Design Template in a presentation.

Language Area Toolbar: Status Bar - Language area

The Language area displays the language that was assigned to the current text.

The default language for your computer is set in Regional Settings in the Control Panel.

Office programs can spell check in multiple languages. When you are working in another language, you should tell your Office programs what language to use for the whole document and then assign a language to text that is in a different language.

Status bar area: Language=English

Status bar area: Language=Spanish

Status Area Toolbar: Status Bar - Status area

The Status Area displays icons about the status of what PowerPoint is doing. What you see the most often here is one of the icons for Spell Check.


Status bar message area: Working Spell Check is working. (animated icon)

Status bar message area: Spell check OK No spelling errors found.

Status bar message area: Spell Check found error Spelling error(s) found

Status Bar: Status Area - Printing page (animated) Sending pages to the printer (animated icon)
When printing, an animated icon Status bar message area: Printer icon showing page formatting for printer shows what page is being sent to the printer. This does not mean that the actual printing has been done yet! For most computers these days, the printing icon finishes and vanishes before you can get a good look at it.

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