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Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

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At last! In PowerPoint 2002/03 you can preview before printing your presentation slides and handouts. This obvious feature was not available in previous versions.

The Print Preview is a bit different from the preview in other programs. In the preview window, you must choose a print layout from several possibilities.

The preview window's toolbar has a control called Print What: , with a default choice of Slides. Each slide takes a whole page! Very wasteful of ink and paper for a handout, but just right for printing overhead transparencies.

Button: Print What - list opened

Examples of these layouts are shown below.

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Before you start...

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Print Layout Examples

View: Preview - Slides

Each slide takes a whole page

View: Preview - 1 slide per page

Handouts- 1 slide per page

View: Preview - 2 slides per page

Handouts - 2 slides per page

View: Preview - 3 slides per page

Handouts- 3 slides per page
Includes lines for taking notes.

View: Preview- 4 slides per page

Handouts- 4 slides per page

View: Preview - 6 slides per page

Handouts- 6 slides per page

View: Preview - 9 slides per page

Handouts- 9 slides per page

View: Preview - Notes

Notes Pages
One slide per page
with its Notes

View: Preview- Outline


What can you do in Print Preview?

  • Pick a print layout from the Print What: control. Button: Print What (on Print Preview toolbar)

  • Pick paper orientation with toolbar buttons Buttons: Orientation - landscape or portrait.

  • Menu: Options in Print Preview - Color/GrayscaleChoose Options:

    • Print in color, gray scale, or black and white.

    • Create header/footer just for printing.

    • Scale slide images to fit paper.

    • Frame slides with a border, or not.

    • Print hidden slides.

    • Include comment pages.

    • Print slides going across the page or down the page. (for layouts with 4 or more slides)

  • Check printouts for readability after you made choices and before you print!

Icon Step-by-Step 

Step-by-Step:Print Preview

 Icon Step-by-Step

What you will learn:

to switch to Print Preview
to select a print layout

Start with:Icon: Class disk, issues.ppt from your Class disk

Switch to Print Preview

  1. If necessary, open issues.ppt to Normal view.
  2. Select the first slide.
  3. Print Preview: Slides layoutClick the Print Preview button Button: Print Preview on the toolbar. Print Preview opens with the default print layout, one slide per page, taking up a whole page. What a waste of ink it would be to print this!

Print Preview: Slides layout (grayscale)Icon: TroubleNo color? If the printer selected for this presentation can not print in color, your preview won't show in color, even though the slides show color in other views. Smart!

Print Preview: Print Layout

  1. Button: Print What - Handouts 1 per pageClick on the arrow at the right end of the Print what: control. A list of print layouts displays.

  2. Print Preview: Handout (1 slide per page)Click on the Handouts (1 slide per page). The preview changes. This layout does not seem to be the best for most purposes.

  3. Experiment: Select each of the layout choices in the Print what: list.
    You will not actually print just yet. There are a lot of choices that might be important. You will learn more about controlling your printouts in the lessons in the Printing section. You will print part of this presentation there.
  4. Close Print Preview by clicking Text Button: Close (on Print Preview toolbar) the Close button on the toolbar. You are back in Normal view.