PowerPoint Basics:
Slide Sorter View

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

Did you want: Working with Presentations: PowerPoint 2007,2010,2013,2016 or español

The Slide Sorter View shows numbered thumbnails of the slides, in order going across the window.

View: Slide Sorter

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Before you start...

Project 1: PowerPoint Basics
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What can you do in Slide Sorter View?

  • Change the order of slides by dragging the thumbnails or using cut and paste.
  • Select groups of slides.
  • Delete a slide or a group of slides.
  • Add a new slide.
  • Copy and paste a slide or slides.
  • Run the transition or animation effect on the slide's thumbnail.

The Slide Sorter View is the best view when you need to move, copy, or delete a lot of slides.

What can't you do in Slide Sorter View?

  • Edit contents of slides. (Use Normal view.)
  • Add or edit notes. (Use Notes Page View or Notes Pane in Normal view)

TipEach thumbnail has a number below it and to the right. If there is an icon below the slide,  like Icon: Animation (2002/03),then the slide has a slide transition or animation. Clicking the icon will run the effect on the thumbnail. Handy dandy!

Icon Step-by-Step 

Step-by-Step:Slide Sorter

 Icon Step-by-Step

What you will learn:

to switch to Slide Sorter view
to run animation in this view
to select slides
to copy slides
to move slides with cut and paste
to move slides by dragging
to delete slides

Start with:Icon: Class disk, issues.ppt from your Class disk

Switch to Slide Sorter View

  1. Slide Sorter - initialClick on Button: Slide Sorter the Slide Sorter button on the Views bar. The window changes to the Slide Sorter view with thumbnails of the slides.
    Alternate method: Menu  View | Slide Sorter

Slide Sorter View: Run Animations

The animation icon for your version of PowerPoint shows at the bottom left of a slide that has an animation effect. Clicking the icon runs the animation on the slide in Slide Sorter view. So tiny, but so cute!

  1. Still in Slide Sorter view, click on Icon: Animation, the animation icon below each slide, in turn. Observe the animations on the slide thumbnail.

Slide Sorter View: Select Slides

You can use the same methods to select multiple slides as you use in Explorer to select multiple files. Slides that are selected have a dark border.

  • Adjacent slides: Click the first slide. While holding SHIFT down, click the last slide.
  • Non-adjacent slides: Click the first slide. While holding CTRL down, click on each of the other slides you want to select.
  1. Slide Sorter view: all 5 slides selectedSelect adjacent slides:
    on the Slide #1 at the top left. Hold SHIFT key down and click on Slide #5. All slides are selected.
  2. Deselect slides: Click in a blank area to unselect all slides.
  3. Slide Sorter view: slides 2 and 4 selectedSelect non-adjacent slides: Click on slide #2. Hold down the CTRL key and click on slide #4. Those two slides are selected but not slide #3.

  4. Deselect slides: Click in a blank area to deselect the slides.

Slide Sorter View: Copy Slides

Sometimes it is helpful to make duplicates of your existing slides and then edit them or paste them to a different presentation.

  1. Icon: Keyboard Select all of the slides with the key combo CTRL + A.
    (This method is very useful when you need to select more than shows on the screen right now!)
  2. Click Button: Copy the Copy button on the toolbar.
    Icon: Keyboard Use the key combo CTRL + C.
  3. Slide Sorter view with vertical cursorClick to the right of the last slide. A vertical bar appears, showing where a new or pasted slide will go.
  4. Paste by clicking Button: Paste the Paste button on the toolbar.
    Icon: Keyboard Use the key combo CTRL + V.
    Duplicates of all 5 slides appear.

  5. Slide Sorter view - 25 slidesPaste three more times.
    You now have 25 slides. Too many to fit in the window. You will have to use the scrollbar to see all the slides.

Slide Sorter View: Move Slides with Cut and Paste

  1. Hold the CTRL  key down and click on the Title slides, #1,6,11,16,21.
    (You will need to scroll the window to see all of them. Be sure to that the CTRL key is pressed down when you click on a slide or you will be starting a new selection instead of adding to the selection.)
  2. Cut the slides by clicking Button: Cut the Cut button on the toolbar. The selected slides vanish.
    Icon: Keyboard Use the key combo CTRL + X.
  3. Slide Sorter View: 5 Title slides groupedClick to the left of the new Slide #1 and paste. All 5 Title slides appear.

  4. Slide Sorter - duplicate slides groupedRepeat the procedure for the Security and Privacy slides to place the duplicate slides next to each other, keeping the original order of slides: Title, Security, Privacy
    You will move the other duplicates with the drag method.

Slide Sorter: Move Slides by Dragging

You may want to reduce the Zoom so you can see where to drop the slides as you drag.

  1. Slide Sorter View: last two sets of duplicates are not groupedScroll until you can see the Slide #16, the first slide Unethical: Spam.
    The duplicates of Unethical: Spam and Discussion: Ethics are alternating since you moved the duplicates of the other slides.
  2. Dragging a slide: vertical bar shows where slide will dropDrag Slide #18, a duplicate of Unethical: Spam,  to the left until the vertical bar is between slides 16 and 17.
  3. Drop. The slide is moved.
  4. Repeat for the other two copies of Unethical: Spam. Now all the slides are grouped with their duplicates. You did not have to do anything to the slides Discussion: Ethics. They got grouped by being left behind!

Slide Sorter View: Delete Slides

Enough is enough. It's time to get rid of all these duplicate slides. The DELETE key makes this easy!

  1. Selected title slides deletedSelect 4 of the 5 title slides and press the DELETE key. The selected slides vanish.
  2. Repeat for the other duplicate slides until you are back to one copy of each of the 5 slides.

Slide Sorter View: 5 slides just like you started with

Back to where we started!

No need to save this time as you did not make any permanent changes.