PowerPoint Basics:

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

Did you want: Working with Presentations: PowerPoint 2007,2010,2013,2016 or español

The PowerPoint interface has several different views to help you do your work. Most of your time will be spent in Normal view.

View: Normal

Normal with slide thumbnails

View: Normal - Outline

Normal with Outline

View: Notes Page

Notes Page

View: Slide Sorter

Slide Sorter

View: Slide Show

Slide Show

View: Print Preview - 6 slides per page

Print Preview

View: Master - Title master

Master - Title slide

View: Master - Slide master

Master - Slide

View: Master - Notes Page

Master - Notes Page

View: Master - Handout - 9 per page

Master - Handout

The Masters control the look and behavior of your slides and handouts.

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Before you start...

Project 1: PowerPoint Basics
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       Icon: Step-by-StepSlide Pane
       Icon: Step-by-StepSlides Thumbnails
       Icon: Step-by-StepOutline
       Icon: Step-by-StepNotes
       Icon: Step-by-StepSlide Sorter
       Icon: Step-by-StepSlide Show
       Icon: Step-by-StepPrint Preview
       Icon: Step-by-StepMasters
      Task Pane
      Smart Tags
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    ExercisesTo subtopics

Project 2: PowerPoint FormattingTo subtopics

Project 3: Advanced PowerPoint To subtopics


Views Bar  Toolbar: Views

Toolbar: ViewsThere is a Views toolbar tucked away at the bottom left of the PowerPoint window, but it does not have buttons for all of the views. Which views have buttons depends on which version of PowerPoint you are using.

Where are the commands to change views?

  • Views Bar: Toolbar: Views contains:
        Button: Normal view Normal
        Button: Slide Sorter Slide Sorter
        Button: Slide Show Slide Show

  • Navigation pane in Normal View: Tabs for Outline and Slide thumbnails

  • View menu: Notes Page

  • Toolbar: Button: Print Preview Print Preview -  toolbar button

  • Menu: File | Print Preview
    Menu: View | Master | and then choose from:

    • Slide Master (displays both Slide and Title Masters)

    • Notes Master

    • Handout Master

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