Working with Presentations
Project 2: PowerPoint Formatting

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

Did you want: Working with Presentations: PowerPoint 2007,2010,2013,2016 or español

Project Objectives

  • Learn about presentation design issues.
  • Create a new presentation using a content template.
  • Apply a design template to all and to selected slides.
  • Switch templates.
  • Edit the Master slide and Title slide.
  • Save a presentation as a template.
  • Format text.
  • Format placeholder.
  • Apply slide transitions.
  • Apply an animation scheme.
  • Create and modify a custom animation.
  • Apply animation to Master slide.
  • Configure presentation to run automatically.

Where you are:
JegsWorks > Lessons > Presentations

Before you start...

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Project 2: PowerPoint Formatting
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A presentation that is just plain words can be useful. But a presentation with color and motion is better! In this project you will learn how to add some pizzazz with fonts, colors and styles, transitions and animations.

First let's look at some tips about good design.