PowerPoint Formatting:

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

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Choose the BEST answer. 

1.    The AutoContent Wizard creates _____.

  a.  a new blank presentation with an attractive background and fonts

 b.  a new presentation with sample slides with suggestions for what information should be included

 c.  a new look for an existing presentation

 d.  a new template for future use

2. To use the same the fonts and bullet styles on all of your text slides you can _____.

   a. set them on the Slide Master

   b. set them on the Title Master

   c. set them in the AutoContent Wizard

   d.  select all of the slide thumbnails and use the Formatting toolbar to set the fonts and bullets.

3. The primary goal for your slide design should be _____.

 a.  to attract the eyes of your audience

 b. to coordinate with your company logo and color scheme

 c.  to make the information easy to read

 d.  to make the slides interesting and even exciting

4.  The effect that looks like the new slide is pushing the old one off the screen is an example of a _____.

   a.  slide transition

   b.  slide animation

 c.  none of the above

5.   To make a presentation run itself completely automatically you would _____.

 a.  set slide animations to start With Previous.

 b.  set all slide transitions to play after certain number of seconds

  c. set transitions to advance automatically after a certain time, which can be different for each slide

 d.  set all transitions to advance automatically after a certain time AND set all slide animations to play With Previous

6.  To save a presentation as a template, you must save it with the file type _____.

   a.  Presentation (*.ppt)

   b.  PowerPoint Show (*.pps)

   c.  Presentation template (*.ptt)

 d.  Design Template (*.pot)

7.   PowerPoint's default location for a custom template, which allows it to show in the list of available templates, is _____.

   a.  the same folder as the templates that come with PowerPoint

   b.  the folder that you installed PowerPoint into

   c.    C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates

   d.   different depending on which version of PowerPoint or Office and which operating system you are using and whether you have enabled Identities

8.  Once you have modified a color scheme, you  _____ save it for use later in a different presentation.

   a.  can

   b.  can not

9.   When AutoPreview is on for Custom Animation and you modify an animation,  the Slide Pane will play _____ .

   a.  the changed animation only

   b.  the existing slide transition only

   c.  whatever transition and animations have been applied to the slide

10. To modify an animation effect, you can use _____.

 a.  the Custom Animation task pane

 b.  the Effect Options dialog

 c.  the Formatting toolbar

 d.  a and b

 e.  a and c

 f.  all of the above