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A content template in PowerPoint creates a new presentation that includes sample slides that tell you what kinds of information you might want to include.

The AutoContent Wizard groups the content templates into groups based on the kind of presentation.

AutoContent Wizard - step 1: Presentation type

AutoContent Wizard

The content presentations are also listed in the on the Presentations tab of the Templates or New Presentation dialog .

AutoContent Wizard list

Available content presentations

Icon: PowerPoint 2002Task pane New Presentation: General Templates
Icon: PowerPoint 2003 Task pane New Presentation: On my computer

Using the wizard is a good way to get started when you just don't know what to say. Of course you have to replace the temporary text with your own content. The wizard just lays out the kind of information you should include in that type of presentation. You will probably want to add or delete slides.

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Before you start...

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Step-by-Step:Content Template

 Icon Step-by-Step

What you will learn:

to use the AutoContent Wizard
to delete a slide in Slide Sorter view
to delete multiple slides in Slide Sorter view
to replace temporary text
to duplicate slides

Start with:  Icon: PowerPoint with blank document (PowerPoint open to a blank document)

The Story behind this presentation:

World Travel Inc. is a fictional travel agency in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As part of an anniversary celebration, they offered some of their best customers some special trips.

What you will create:

An on-screen presentation to summarize the results of the special offer and to offer recommendations for the future.

You will use the AutoContent Wizard to get you started on a presentation for World Travel Inc. that is similar to the one you created earlier from blank slides. Two approaches to the same problem.

AutoContent Wizard

  1. Close any open presentations.

  2. Pane: New Presentation - From AutoContent Wizard (2003)Pane: New - From AutoContent Wizard (2002)Icon: PowerPoint 2002 Icon: PowerPoint 2003 In the New Presentation task pane in the New section, click on From AutoContent Wizard.

    AutoContent Wizard - StartThe wizard opens, listing its 3 steps at the left. These items are not links, however. You must use the buttons at the bottom.

  3. AutoContent Wizard - step 1: Presentation typeClick on the Next button to advance to the first step in the wizard.

  4. Click on the All button and scroll the list of presentations available. Quite a choice!

  5. Select Project Post-Mortem. This presentation analyzes how a project turned out - good parts, bad parts, recommendations for the future.

  6. Click on the Next button. The next step appears - Presentation style.

  7. AutoContent Wizard - step 2: Presentation styleSelect On-screen presentation. Your choice of output type here affects the dimensions of the slides. Make you choice based on the primary use for the presentation.

  8. Click on the Next button. The next wizard step appears - Presentation options.

  9. AutoContent Wizard - step 3: Presentation optionsFor the Presentation title type Anniversary Trips Offer  and then click the Finish button. The new presentation opens, ready for your editing.

    Wow! This presentation is a lot prettier than your previous plain-text one. You will learn later how to use design templates to add formatting to your existing presentations.

    New presentation from AutoContent wizard

    TipThe subtitle is the User from the Options dialog:  Tools | Options | General . Changing the User information in this dialog changes it for all Office programs. To change the User name for just this presentation, use  File | Properties  | Summary  and change the Author. Since the wizard is already finished, the subtitle will not change.

  10. If necessary, edit the subtitle to show your own name.
  11. View all of the slides and read what is on them, the suggestions about what should go on the slide.

Delete Slide

You don't need all of the topics that the wizard put into the presentation.  You need to delete many of the suggested slides. The Slide Sorter view is great for this, if you can read the titles.

  1. Toolbar: Views - Slide Sorter buttonClick Button: Slide Sorter the Slide Sorter button in the Views bar at the bottom of the Navigation pane. The view switches from Normal view to Slide Sorter view.

    Slide Sorter view of slides from AutoContent Wizard

    TipIf the Slide Sorter thumbnails are too small to read, increase the Zoom percentage with the toolbar's Zoom control. Button: Zoom

  2. Scroll the thumbnails. There are 20 slides. Far too many for your purpose.

  3. Click on Slide #3: Performance against Schedule to select it.

    TipThe thumbnail of a selected slide has a dark blue border.

  4. Press the Delete key on your keyboard. A confirmation message box appears. Click on OK. TaDa! The slide is removed and the remaining slides are re-numbered.

Delete Multiple Slides

You can use the same key combos to manage slides that you use to manage files.

  • Icon: Keyboard To select neighboring slides: Click on the first slide. Hold the SHIFT key down and click on the last slide. All in between are also selected.

  • Icon: Keyboard To select non-adjacent slides: Click the first slide. Hold the CTRL key down and click on each of the other slides that you want to select.

Once you have multiple slides selected, you can move, delete, or copy them all at once.

  1. While still in Slide Sorter view, click on what is now Slide #3, Performance against Quality.

  2. Hold the SHIFT key down and click on Slide #14: Sales. (You may need to scroll to see Slide #14. A good time to use a key combo instead of dragging to select!).
    All of the slides between the two you clicked are selected.

  3. Press the DELETE key. All of the selected cells vanish. No confirmation box!

Slide Sorter view with only 7 slides remaining

Change Temporary Text

The AutoContent Wizard has included temporary text on the slides. You don't want to show that to your audience! You must replace it all.

  1. Temporary text from wizard is on the slideDouble-click on Slide #2: Performance against Goals to open it in Normal view so you can edit the slide.
    This suggested slide states a goal and the actual result.

  2. Edit the slide to read: 

        - Offer to 200 frequent/high volume customers

        - Sent offers to 150 previous customers

     Slide: Performance Against Goals - new text

    You need three more slides about Goals. You can duplicate this one and then edit the text. Super!

Duplicate Slide: Performance Against Goals

You will need duplicates of the Performance Against Goals slide so you can put one goal and result on each slide.

TipThis action will work not only in Slide Sorter view, but also in the Outline and Slide thumbnails.

  1. Click on the thumbnail of the current slide.
  2. Icon: Keyboard On the keyboard, hold the CTRL key down and press the C key. The selected slide is copied to the Windows Clipboard.
  3. Icon: Keyboard On the keyboard, hold the CTRL key down again and press the V key. A copy of the selected slide appears beside the selected slide.
  4. Repeat twice. You now have 4 identical slides titled Performance Against Goals.

Slide Sorter view - 4 identical slides


Edit Text: Performance Against Goals

  1. Change the text on the duplicate slides as follows:
    Slide #3: Goal:
        -Schedule 100 people on trips
        -Scheduled 124 people
    Slide #4: Goal:
        -Schedule 40 other trips as a direct result of offer
        -Scheduled 6 other trips
    Slide #5: Goal:
        -Total sales of $250,000
        -Total sales were $269,000

Duplicate Slide: What Went Right

You need two slides about what went right with the project. It's a good thing that slides are so easy to copy!

  1. Select the thumbnail of Slide #7: What Went Right.
  2. Copy and paste it without changing the selection. Slide #8 is now selected.

Edit Text: What Went Right

  1. Click on the thumbnail of Slide #7: What Went Right to select it.
  2. Edit Slide #7: What Went Right to read:

    Good response to personal contact

       - 25% of phone follow-ups resulted in bookings

        - 15% more are in planning stage for a future trip

    Slide: What Went Right - new text
  3. Select Slide #8: What Went Right (that still has the temporary text).
  4. Edit the text to read:

    Organized client lists

        -Database can now sort on multiple criteria

        -Future benefits

    Slide: What Went Right - duplicate slide with new text
  5. Select Slide #9: What Went Wrong
  6. Edit the text to read:

    Ship construction delayed

    - Forced rebooking on another line

    Lost focus

    - Difficult to work on two contests at the same time

    - Bonuses for Anniversary contest vague

    Slide: What Went Wrong
  7. Select Slide #10: Recommendations.
  8. Edit the text to read:

    Clear criteria for clearly explained bonuses to travel agents

    Add older client bookings to database

    Create list of potential convention customers

    Develop full service convention planning

    Slide: Recommendations


  1. Icon: Class diskClick the Save button Button: Save. The Save As dialog appears since this presentation has not been saved before. Use the name Anniversary Trips Offer.ppt and save it to your Class disk.

    Full floppy disk How to handle a full Class disk

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