align objects
To line up objects like images, tables, and charts with respect to each other - left edges, right edges, centered over each other, top edges, bottom edges, centered horizontally.
An effect applied to part of a slide controlling the entrance, emphasis, or exit of that part.
animation scheme
A pre-set combination of animations and slide transitions
AutoContent Wizard - step 1AutoContent Wizard
PowerPoint wizard that creates a presentation with a standard set of slide for a particular type of presentation.
Dialog: AutoCorrectAutoCorrect dialog
Dialog which allows you to control what kinds of corrections Microsoft Office programs will make automatically, such as inserting the copyright symbol when you type (c) or substituting the company's full name when you type its initials.
The AutoFormat As You Type tab controls a number of formatting changes that Microsoft Office programs make, such as changing "straight quotes" to "smart quotes" and changing 1/2 to ½.
AutoCorrect Options
When Microsoft Office programs make an automatic correction, the AutoCorrect Options button allows you to keep or discard the correction. It first appears as a small blue rectangle under the correction. Button: AutoCorrect (minimized to blue rectangle) It does not appear until the mouse pointer is near the corrected text. Hovering over the rectangle makes the full button appear. Button: AutoCorrect with arrow
Button: AutoCorrect Options - list droppedClicking the down arrow opens a list of your options, which varies depending on what the change was.
AutoFit Options
Smart Tag Menu: AutoFitThe AutoFit Options button Button: AutoFit appears when PowerPoint changes the size of your text to make all the text fit into the placeholder. Clicking the button opens a list of options.
AutoLayout Options
Smart Tag Menu: AutoLayout Options
The AutoLayout Options button Smart Tag button: AutoCorrect Options appears when PowerPoint changes the layout of your slide when you insert an object like a table or clipart. Clicking the down arrow opens a list of options.
Allows the Slide Pane to play an effect as you choose them.
The X-axis is the horizontal base line for a chart. The Y-axis is the vertical base line for a chart.