The intersection of a row and a column in a table.
A picture of data showing how values compare to each other (commonly with a Column chart) or how they compare to the whole (Pie chart).
clip art
Images which can be inserted into document, usually drawings in vector format.
When printing several copies of a document, collating the pages makes the printer print all of the pages in order before starting on the next copy. Not collating will print all copies of page 1 before starting on page 2.
color scheme
A set of colors and fills for the parts of a slide
Table: a vertical set of cells
Chart: a single data item in the shape of a vertical rectangle or 3-D column
content template
A design template for a presentation that includes sample slides with suggestions for what information to include. Only when used to create a new presentation will the sample slides appear.
The legal ownership with the right to control how a document or image is used.
Custom animation
Animation that you have chosen and modified for selected slide parts.
Customize dialog
Dialog: Customize - ToolbarsThe Customize dialog allows you to select which toolbars to display and to change which buttons and commands are shown on the bars.
custom template
A presentation template that you created yourself or have modified and saved as a .pot file.