file extension
The part of a file's name that follows the dot, like mypresentation.ppt or myimage.gif.
file format
See file type.
file name
The name you see in an Explorer window for the file, such as worldtraveloffer.ppt.
Explorer window showing file names and file types
file type
A file or document always has a file type, which tells how the information is stored in the file. A program can only work with certain file types. The file extension (the letters after the dot in the file name) are specific for a file type. The extension for PowerPoint presentations is ppt. (Your computer may not be set to display the extensions.)
floating toolbar
A toolbar that is not attached to an edge of a window. It can be moved by dragging.
An area at the bottom of a slide or printed page, above the margin, that will be repeated on each slide or page. You often find the page or slide number, the creation date, and copyright info in a footer.
Footer placeholder
To set a characteristic of the appearance of text or an object, such as its font, its size,or its background.
Formatting Bar
Toolbar: FormattingA toolbar which primarily contains buttons for formatting text.