To use Pack and Go to combine files, fonts, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer with one or more presentations for transport to a different computer
The files created by Pack and Go for transporting one or more presentations and the related files to a different computer.
Pack and Go
Feature of PowerPoint that compresses files and includes files related to your presentation for transporting to a different computer.
Page Setup dialog
Dialog: Page SetupThe PowerPoint Page Setup dialog offers fewer choices than in many other programs. You can choose the orientation of slides and print-outs but not the page margins. The Slides sized for: box has several choices, which affect the proportions of your slides.
Normal view with panes labeledA section of the program window. PowerPoint in Normal view has 3 panes: Navigation which shows either the outline or thumbnails of the slides, Slide, and Notes. In addition, the Office Task Pane is displayed when needed.
paragraph styles
Assigns formatting characteristics to a paragraph and may assign an outline level.
Paste Options
Smart Tag Menu: Paste OptionsThe Paste Options button Button: Paste Options appears just after you paste, near where you pasted. It is easy to overlook! Clicking the down arrow opens a list of options.
Text in placeholderA placeholder is a text box whose text will appear in the Outline. You cannot create a placeholder or change an ordinary text box into a placeholder. You must use the placeholders from a PowerPoint slide layout. You can move or resize a placeholder. The illustration at the right shows a bullet list placeholder.
Play button
A button which causes the Slide Pane to run the animations and transitions of the displayed slide
File extension for PowerPoint presentations.
A set of slides for use on-screen or in printed handouts, primarily to accompany a speaker.
presentation graphics
Another term for presentation software.
Dialog: PrintPrint dialog
A dialog for controlling how your presentation prints.
Printer Properties dialog
Dialog: Printer Properties (Lexmark Z53)Varies with the brand and model of your printer. Controls the printer's hardware choices - print quality, color, media.
Print Preview
View of a presentation that show what will print.
Print Preview Bar
Toolbar at the top of the Print Preview window. Contains commands and buttons for controlling what is printed and how it is printed.
Toolbar: Print Preview
print quality
Usually you can choose from at least Draft, Normal, and Best. Better quality means smoother lines and smoother transitions in gradient backgrounds.
For some printers you can choose the dots per inch (dpi). The more dots, the higher quality the printing.
Print what: box
Button: Print What - list openedOn the Print Preview toolbar. Offers a list of print layouts.
To raise a paragraph to a higher outline level