in computing: one of a set of images to be shown on a monitor or projected onto a screen. Part of a presentation.

in photography: a 35 mm transparency for projecting onto a screen using a slide projector

slide layout
The arrangement of placeholders on the slide
slide show
Displays the slides on the monitor as they will be shown on a screen
Smart Tag
AutoCorrect OptionsA feature of Microsoft Office programs that produces buttons with context-sensitive menus directly over the document being edited. Different Office programs use different Smart Tags. PowerPoint has Paste Options, AutoCorrect Options, AutoFit Options, and AutoLayout Options.
Standard Bar
Toolbar: Standard (floating)A toolbar which has buttons and commands for the most commonly used actions, like Open, Save, Print, Preview, Spell Check, Undo and Redo.
Status Bar
A bar at the bottom of the window which has areas that tell you of the current status of the program. In PowerPoint you will see a Message Area, Design Template area, Language area, and Status area for icons about spell check and printing.
Toolbar: Status Bar