A set of rows and columns
Task Pane
PowerPoint window with Task Pane displayedA feature of Microsoft Office 2002. Appears at the right of the window and offers choices for doing a task, such as creating a new document or inserting clipart.
A file that already has a set of formatting choices along with temporary text that guides you in what to say.
text document
A document with plain text, virtually no formatting.
text table
Creating the effect of a table by lining up text using tabs and spaces.
A small image of a larger image or document
The set of time intervals between changes in a presentation.
Title Bar
Bar at the top of the window that contains the title of the current document, the name of the program, and the window control buttons - Minimize, Maximize, Close.
Title Bar
Tools button
Button: Tools This button appears on the Internet Explorer toolbar when IE opens a document that is not a web page. Clicking the Tools button displays toolbars from the program that created the document. You can edit the document right in the IE window.
An effect that controls how the next slide comes into view.
in presentations: a transparent plastic sheet used with an overhead projector to display on a screen the text or images on the transparency
in photography: a 35 mm transparency for projecting onto a screen using a slide projector