vector image
An image that is made of calculated parts. Resizing a vector image does not lose any of its quality.
A combination of window parts that work well together for a task
View: Masters
The Masters view shows the Title and Slide masters for a presentation. You set the default placeholders and formatting for a presentation on the masters.
Title Master Slide Master
View: Normal
The Normal view includes the Slide pane, Navigation pane, and Notes pane.
Normal view
View: Notes
The Notes View shows the slides, one per page, with their notes below.
View: Notes Page
View: Print Preview
The Print Preview view shows how the slides will print. There are several layouts to choose from.
View: Print Preview - 6 slides per page
View: Slide Show
The Slide Show opens the presentation full screen so you can see how your audience will see the slides.
View: Slide Show
View: Slide Sorter
In Slide Sorter view you see rows of thumbnails of all the slides. You can drag the slides to new locations or delete them.
View: Slide Sorter
Views Bar
Views Bar: PowerPoint 2002 A bar at the bottom of the Navigation Pane. The buttons switch you to a different view. The Views Bar buttons vary depending on your version of PowerPoint.
virtual printer
Not an actual physical device. Examples include fax software, which sends a fax instead of printing, and Adobe PDFWriter, which creates a file in PDF format.