Before you print...

You may need to make temporary changes to the presentation so that it will print nicely. Be careful not to save your changes!

A better idea: Save a copy of the presentation under a new name and make your changes to the copy.

Your transitions and animations do not affect the printouts, unless you are animating images that wind up on top of each other or off screen.

Pre-Print Check List

  1. Presentation:
    • Outline.
      • Parallel structure.
      • All your points are included.
      • Text correctness
      • Grammar errors
    • Spell Check
    • Style Check
    • Slide Show:
      • Text formatting
      • Bulleting
      • Backgrounds
      • Images: position & size
      • Readability against backgrounds/images
    • Notes
  2. What's going to print:
    • From Print Preview:
      • Select print layout from Print what: box.
      • Select options:
        • Header and footer
          (only available from Print Preview)
        • Color/grayscale
        • Frame slides
        • Other options
    • From the Print dialog:
      • Select printer.
      • Set number of copies.
      • Collate?
      • Set print range.
      • Verify Options
      • Open printer's Document Properties and select:
        • Page orientation
        • Print quality
        • Media type & size
        • Color/gray scale/black & white
        • Advanced features
    • View Print Preview again!
      • View all pages for readability.

Working with Presentations Appendix

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