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Navigation Techniques for the Web

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There are several common methods used for moving around a web page or between pages. [Yes, you have to be able to move around a web page to learn how to move around a web page!] The links below will lead you through working examples for many of them. You can follow the links at the bottom of a page to go through the lesson in order or jump to a topic by clicking a link the the table of contents.

A link or hyperlink is an address, or URL (Universal Resource Locator), for a Web page or a file, like Clicking on a link will open the web page at that location or download the file or perform some other action. You may need to be connected to the Internet to access the page or file, of course.

The mouse pointer will change to Hand shaped pointer a hand shape when it is over a link.

The focus is the spot on your computer screen that receives your typing.

*  Text link

*  Image link

*  Link to a file

*  Navigate pages

*  Navigate forms

*  New window

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