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Web 1-2  Treasure Hunt II

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Continue exploring the Web! While you are flittering around, see the variety of types of web sites there are. You will see all sorts of different purposes, sizes, complexity, artistry. 

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Before you start...

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Exercise Web 1-2:  Treasure Hunt II

Purpose: to experience the variety of sites on the Web

What you will do:

wander around some more!
find different kinds of places on the Web

While you are wandering around the web having fun, look for some of the types of sites that are available. Do not use any site referred to in these lessons or in the simulations. Give the URL, site title, and a brief description of what one can find there and an evaluation of whether the site is really worth your time.

Types of Sites to Find:

  1. Educational
  2. Museum
  3. Government information
  4. Tourist information
  5. Personal page
  6. Software downloads
  7. Tutorial
  8. Technical support for a product
  9. Buying things online
  10. Page of links to other pages about a particular subject