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Web 1-3  Favorites

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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During a session of exploration, you will no doubt find places you'd like to return to later. You will practice using one way of being sure you can return.

If you need to refresh your memory of the techniques you learned, refer back to the pages on Navigating: Favorites. and Navigating: Organize Favorites

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Before you start...

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Exercise Web 1-3:  Favorites

Purpose: to practice creating and managing Favorites

What you will do:

create Favorites
subscribe or download for offline viewing
delete Favorites

Start with: Icon - IE is open Class disk

  1. Add to Favorites: Use the method of your choice to create at least 4 Favorites shortcuts to web pages that you find.
  2. Test: Click on each of your Favorites to be sure that they work

  3. Create a folder: Organize your shortcuts into at least one new folder. Use your name as part of the folder name, like JanSmithLinks.
  4. Display pane: Display your new folder in the left pane of the browser and expand it to show your 4 shortcuts. (Be sure your name is in the name of the folder!)
  5. Capture image: Click the Print Screen key on your keyboard to capture an image of your computer screen. Open the program Paint. (Start | Programs | Accessories | Paint) Maximize the Paint window. Paste the image you captured into Paint. Check Print Preview. If your folder does not show, select Undo. Increase the size of the white area by dragging the handles. Paste again.
  6. Print icon Print the picture of your Favorites.

  7. Class diskCopy shortcuts: Copy the shortcuts you created in Favorites to your Class disk to the web folder. (Hint: while you are in Organize Favorites, you can select and copy your folder. Then insert your Class disk into the floppy drive, open an Explorer or My Computer window to your floppy drive, and paste to the web folder.)
  8. Remove: With the method of your choice, remove one or more of the shortcuts in Favorites that you created.
  9. Subscribe: Select one of your Favorites and edit its properties.
    IE4 Subscribe to the site
    IE5 Download it for viewing offline.
  10. Capture image: Show what you have downloaded for offline viewing -
    IE4 Open the Subscriptions window (Favorites | Manage Subscriptions...)
      Tools | Synchronize....
    Capture the screen with Print Screen and paste to Paint. You may crop the picture if necessary, but be sure to show the subscription that you just created.
  11. Print icon Print the picture of the subscription from Paint.
  12. Delete: In the Subscriptions or Items to Synchronize window, remove your new subscription.
  13. Clean up: If you are on a classroom or other shared computer, delete the Favorites folder(s) you created.