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Search button

The Search button opens a pane in the left of the browser which shows the search engine that you used last from this window.

IE4In IE, you can choose a search service from a drop list. The item  List of all Search Engines  opens a page from Microsoft that lists a larger number of search services. You must be online to use any of the search services or to view the page that lists the services.

The results are shown in the left pane. To see the results you may have to widen the pane by dragging the right edge of the pane. Or you can use the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the pane.

Search pane displayed

 IE5 The Search feature under IE5 has more options than in IE4. Click on the Customize menu at the top of the search pane to see all the choices. If you choose multiple search engines in the Customize dialog, you can switch between them using the Next button.

New Search pane Search pane in IE5

Icon: IE6The Search and Results panes look similar in IE6 to those in IE5.

Pane: Search (default for IE6) Pane: Search results (IE6)


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