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Back and Forward buttons Back and Forward buttons in IE6

These buttons move you back and forth, in order, through pages you have visited during your current session with Internet Explorer.

The buttons will be grayed out if you haven't been anywhere yet. Each has a drop list attached that shows the pages you have visited, with respect to the page you are on right now.

Tip There are some pages where the Back button does not seem to work. You keep coming back to the page you are on. 

Cure:  Click the arrow beside the Back button to open the list of previous pages. Skip the first one on the list and select one below it. You have just outsmarted the script!

Cause: This problem is caused by script (a small computer program) which ran when you left the previous page. In fact, you may never have even seen the previous page if all it did was send you on to a page written for your particular browser. When you use the Back button to return to the previous page, the script runs again and sends you to the page you are trying to leave!

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