Browser Basics:
Address & Links Bars

Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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Address and Links bars

The Address Bar shows the address of the page that the browser is currently showing. You can type web address in the Address Bar and press ENTER to load the new page. You will work more with the Address Bar later, in the Navigating section.

The Links Bar is a collection of shortcuts to pages that you visit frequently. Internet Explorer comes with several links here already to help get you started traveling the Web. So this can be your personal toolbar. You must be online to see the pages that are not on your hard drive, of course.

The Address and Links Bars are usually found side by side so they look at first glance like they are a single bar. They are actually two separate toolbars.

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Step-by-Step: Address & Links Bars

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What you will learn:

to change widths of bars
to separate and rejoin bars
to add a link to the Links Bar
to rename a link on the Links Bar
to delete a link from the Links Bar

 Start with:   Internet Explorer open (Internet Explorer open)

For this exercise it does not matter what page is showing in the browser.

Change Widths

  1. Divider in AddressbarDrag the handle at the left of the Links bar sideways back and forth to adjust the widths of the two bars.

Separate & Rejoin Bars

You can use the technique below on the Menu bar and the Toolbar as well. It can get confusing with these bars slide around unexpectedly!

  1. Drag the handle of the Links Bar down and drop below the Address Bar. TaDa! It's a separate bar.

    Separated Address and Links bars 

  2. Drag the handle of the Links Bar back up and drop on top of the Address Bar. Back together again! [If you miss, just try again. You may have to look carefully if the Links Bar is now attached to the Toolbar or is on the left of the Address Bar.]

    Address and Links bars

Add to Links Bar

Use the Links Bar to hold links to the places you visit regularly. It won't show many at once, so choose carefully.

  1. Pointer over address icon Drag the icon at the left of the current address over to the Links Bar.Pointer changes over Links BarThe pointer changes to [ once you are over a place where you can drop.
  2. New shortcut on Links BarDrop at the right of "Links" or between two items already on the Links Bar. The new shortcut uses the page title as the name of the shortcut. Some titles are quite long!

Rename Link

  1. Right click menu for Links BarRight click on the new shortcut on the Links Bar.
  2. From the popup menu select  Rename . A dialog appears with the current name.
  3. Rename dialogType in the dialog a short name and click OK.

    Links Bar with short name for link Short names let more links show at once.

Delete Link

When you don't want a link on the Links Bar anymore, it is simple to get rid of it.
  1. Delete command on popup menu for Links BarRight click on the link you just created.
  2. From the popup menu, select  Delete . Your new link is gone!