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Title: Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101
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You will often find yourself needing to return to a page you visited a few minutes ago. Then you might want to pop right back to the page you just left. The Back and Forward buttons simplify this immensely when you are within a few pages of where you have already been.

It gets a little more complicated with a framed site. In older browsers, using the Back button would move you to the previous whole page (or frameset), not the previous document you saw inside the frames.

For example, suppose you used Internet Explorer 3 to go from My Home Page to the World Travel site and then you viewed several pages in the site. The Back button would take you all the way back to My Home Page. You could not revisit a page within the World Travel site. Very annoying! Modern browsers will take you back through each of the framed pages you saw. Much more helpful!

Let's go practice with the World Travel Inc. site.

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Before you start...

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Step-by-Step: Back and Forward

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What you will learn:

to use the Back & Forward buttons
to use the drop lists of sites for Back and Forward 

Start with: IE open to World Travel Inc.

If necessary, open the World Travel Inc. site again: or the local copy you created:
 C:\My Documents\complit101\web\WorldTravel\index.html

Did you just finish the previous exercise - Frames? If not, you need to do the last two exercises there first. Your list of visited pages will be a bit different, but you should be able to see what to do in the exercises below.

Back and Forward: Buttons

  1. Click on Back button the Back button on the toolbar. You are moved back to the top of the page, where you last used a link.
  2. Click on Forward button the Forward button. You return to the map. (Getting dizzy yet?)

Back and Forward: Lists:

  1. Drop list of sites backClick on the arrow beside the Back button to see the list of where you have been.
  2. Click on World Travel Home page to return to the beginning of this site.

      For framed documents, IE5 shows the file name instead of the page title.
  3. World Travel home page - after visiting Tahiti pageClick on Refresh button the Refresh button to make IE look again at all of the framed pages and reload them.

    All links for pages you have just visited are now purple.

    Tip To refresh a single frame, right click in it and choose Refresh from the popup menu.

  4. Drop list of sites forwardClick the arrow beside the Forward button and select the Prices_Packages page.

    The full title did not fit in the list. Notice that an underscore replaced the & in the title.

  5. World Travel - Trip PlannerClick on Icon - tickets - Tahiti in the table at the bottom of the Prices and Packages page.

    A new page loads in the frame.

    The button Forward is grayed out, meaning you are at the most recently visited page.

    List Backward from here

  6. Open the list beside the button Back. It no longer shows the page World Travel: What to See and Do in Tahiti! But you have visited it. What happened?

    You took a different direction this time when leaving the page Prices and Packages. Only one continuous route through web pages is available using the buttons Back and Forward. All the pages are still shown in the History list, however. You will practice with that feature next.